July 16, 2013

Letter + Photos July 15th, 2013- 2 MORE WEEKS!!

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS HAYLEESHMAYLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              11 years old already?? wow thats crazy! 5 more years and youll be drivin! Thats sweet you got some rollerskate/blades Hay! you better start learnin some tricks to show me.

 Hey erebody! hows life?  Its almost too hot to live here right now. Im so glad i atleast dont have to go through another august here. July's hot but august is the devils fire hot!

          Wow the semana slow wasnt to slow. A slow week in the mission doesn't exist. Especially these last weeks :( im just trying to soak in every moment while it lasts!   So this past week we had 2 meetings, one on tuesday and then on thursday. Out in la Romana, so we got plenty of butt aches.    On tuesday we had interviews with Presdient Hernandez. They told us about the storm/hurrician thing that was coming our way, so he said right after the meeting we had to go straight home and stay in doors untill thursday! YEah we spent all day wednesday in the house, not gonna lie- in a missionaries house its pretty boring hah theres nothing to do! The "big storm" was pretty crazzzzy... NOT! it didnt even rain more than 3 drops of water here in Bávaro. I guess the storm went more toward the middle of the DR and up Haiti. Haiti is really unlucky! They always get the bad end of storms. If it ever rains out here in Bávaro it never lasts more than like 10 minutes cause theres no mountains and the ocean breeze just blows it right over.  So as far as days to proselyte, were only on friday and saturday this week, which means we got alot of work to do this week now just to catch up and visit all the people that we had planned from last week.

       Sunday my tummy wasnt to happy with me. We ate some fish on saturday for lunch and i don't think it was cooked all the way through.. hah ya so that´ll never sit well for too long. We had talks in church so we got up normal to give them. Something really weird,  the second i got up to give my talk i didn't feel sick but all morning and afternoon i felt like poo. Just for those 10 minutes i talked i felt 100% fine. My body just forgot about it for a while, not sure how or why.

     There's a member here named Juan Carlos that's preparing to go on a mission so he´s been leaving with us to get a feel of the mission. He´s like 21, and been a member almost all his life but has been really busy working for a carpentry company that his uncle owns. But you know theres always an excuse. But its true, its just him and his uncle in the shop so they work some crazy hours. He said one day he had to work for 2 days straight hah So we just shared with him thursday night and then he came and visited some investigators with us. At the end of the night he said, "you guys really have helped me alot, as soon as possible im going to turn in my papers to get going on the mission!" We really didnt say or do anything special but he just had a change of view on things and has seen over the past few days that we´ve left visiting with him the great need of his help in the lords work! He said he hopes he comes to the Utah North mission so he can pay back all the visits that we've done with him hah

          Awhh man i only have one more p-day left! Today for pday we went to Higuey and meet up with the zone from San Pedro. We played b-ball and soccer in the church, and a member thats from Columbia made us Arepas (no clue what you call it in english) Its like a tortilla with cheese and some columbian sause. Way legit. Im sure gary ate plenty of them on his mission!

     Yep we did have time to go out to our new areas this week. On saturday afternoon we went out to Via Europa and visited that family with the colmado. Hey guess what! they have the same suburban that you have mom! The same year and color and everything! Made me kinda homesick hah Do you still have that? i cant remember.    But for this family we thought it was gonna be easy for them to come to church cause of their car, but they are really really really busy people, holy cow. They make and sell food for a bunch of employees in some hotels in Bávaro, so the mom gets up early to make food for lunch and then the dad runs to food out to the people in the suburban and 2 hours later the mom is making food again for dinner for the people and they do that errrryday! oh and on top of that they run their colmado. They want to come to church but theyre not sure how theyre gonna make the time. So when all comes to worse, we told them to pray about it hah God doesnt give us commandments that are impossible to keep righht!?

         Welp love y´all! "Siga la marcha pa´lante!" (thats dominican, that definitely wont translate in google-translate ha

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