July 10, 2013

Letter from July 9th, 2013

¡¡Holas a todos!!
¿Como están?

                 I officially have more ties than days in the mission now.. wow.  Never in my life have I thought about getting to this point hah. Its a tradition to wear each tie for each of the last days of the mission until all the ties and days are out hah.

   Its really been the best of times, now to be old missionaries, me and Elder Arias, we´re at our full potential as much as we will ever be in the mission so were definitely using the time that we have to keep going strong to the end!! A member from church said in testimony meeting, that.. "even in the eternity that all missionaries will look back to those two years when they served with all their heart,might, mind and strength." Definitely motivates me to keep chuggin to the last day!

     Well this past week went by so fast and so jam pack of lessions i dont even remember what happened! Its a big thought of a successful blur! The new family that we are teaching now has a baptizmal goal set for the 27th of this month! So well see if i get to see them get baptized before i have to take off! They are such cool people. All the kids are awesome, they read everthing we leave for them and theyve come to church 3 times now. The only problem is the mom.. Shes got such a hard heart:( she doesnt want to pray about anything we teach, so we cant promise an answer from God if she doesnt pray. Booo! The kids are a little older so they will be able to make their own choice if they want to get baptized or not. Were pretty much focusing alot on this family so they get all the help that they need.  Weve been finding more and more people in a few different towns.. i swear this area needs at least 20 missionaries to be able to teach all the people!

     Theres another inactive member that we found while we were walking home from Veron like a month ago. He said that he got baptized 3 years ago and then fell out of the church and now he wants to come back to church and he wants to get baptized again haha  We were like, uhh im not so sure about that idea hah. We told him just to start coming to church again and talk to Pres Hyrum and everything would be ok. So hes been visiting every week now. Anyway yesterday we went out to where he lives for the first time to share a message with him. He lives in an area called Via Europa. Its part of Veron but like a 20 minute walk from the main part of veron on a lonely dirt road, weve been out there a few times before but we never actually got to the town part of Via Europa. But when we got there it opened up and the town surrounds this big public park. Its so rad!! THe parks got a volley ball court, basket ball court, a little roofed part to cook, a big birdhouse thing for birds, and a path around the park and bridge over a pond! hah like way legit and out in the middle of no where! So me and Elder Arias were meeting the member in the park so we just hung out for a bit and enjoyed the view. There was a lot of people using it too. It was pleasant while it lasted until a big ugly rain storm came. Me and Arias we just sat there on a bench under this big tree and everyone ran away to their houses cause of the rain and me and Arias were just left sitting there in the rain... hahah A funny sight actually. After a while of wondering what to do we ran to the nearest Colmado and stayed there till the rain past. We talked to the owners of the colmado while we were there, they are cool people so we gave them a pamphlet and they wanted us to come back and teach them too! SCORE!  Funny how were guided into people sometimes. Yeah the member never ended up coming. But it was a fun experience!

        I think all our energy from the busyness of the week gathered up and came right down and smacked us on the heads at the end of the week. Saturday me and arias were completely exhausted! We kept working of course but i swear i felt like i was going to be sleeping walking and teaching!! I guess friday morning we did run 2 miles and then we went to the Sport Activity in Higuey friday night. so that makes sense.

      Well this week that we got coming up is gonna be a ssssllllllloooooowwwww one! hah We have 2 big meetings this week in La Romana (2 hours away)! YEah more sitting on a bus for hours and hours... NOO!  Tomorrow we have interviews, my last interview with president, awhh how sad! At least were gonna get our energy back from last week with all these bus rides!

     Love you guys! thanks for all your emails!! Sorry to those i never have time to write!! yes i always read all the emails i get!

-Elder Cowley

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