January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

Hola familia!

Craziness went down this week.. like usual. Had a bunch of new investigators to visit casue the members are awesome and have been dishing out refrences hah its been a pretty good week.

So last friday when we went to visit people with Richard, we past by his house to pick his up and the goose of course was out front so we snuck past it, but then it noticed us so it started coming towards us, by that time we were at Richards door so he came out and scared it away but only for a minute hah he went back inside to grab something and they goose turned right around and started heading for me! So i backed up and tripped over a log haha and so my comp came to the rescue and the goose turned to attack him and jumped up at him and bit his foot and then tryed to slash him with its crazy slasher things but then my comp kicked it in the back and then Richard came out and scared it off hahaha it was the funniest thing it the world. I was so freaked out, i fell down and thought it was gonna bite my face off but then it turned to my comp and attacked him haha soo funny. I never got the chance to get a picture yet but i will soon.

Sunday was good we had testimony meeting in consuelo. The members there are so strong there its awesome. I could listen to them all day hah

Monday our p day, we woke up cleaned the house then went to the church to play ball and right when we got there the APs called us and said theres some doctors and kids in training from New York doing a service project here and that they need some translaters. A bummer we didnt get to play hah but we had to leave from the church, run home and change and meet one of the doctors that was coming to pick us up kinda by our house. The guy that came to get us is the funniest dude. His names Rafael. Hes one of the main doctors of the group. But it was about a 20 minute drive out to a little pueblo called Hoyo de Toros. When we got there we met all the people at this random building. it was in a pretty nice building that was in the middle of all the tin shacks hah The group of doctors are from Buffalo, New York. and its a bunch of kids in college that are pretty much training still, some of them it was there first time with real people hah So we got there and they had a bunch of patiants out front in a line and a bunch of the kids from new york helping people get the right type of medicen for the sickness or whatever.(sorry for the spelling, im losing my english hah) So me and my comp started helping translate. hah it was a joke for me because they were useing all these medical terms. but i would help them with the simple questions like, what they had, and how long theyve had it, and where it hurts hah But then i had Rafael switch me and he’d help translate with all the harder questions. Its werid to translate casue i still feel like i dont know that much, but I guess i know enough to help out a bit hah. It was a way cool expirience tho, It reminded me of the service project we did in Mexico. it was pretty much that same thing.

SNow!! ahhh dont tell me hah Christy sent me a weather thing that compared last year to this year. Pretty sweet that its a bad season for when im gone hah

Daisy is rediculous hah i can just picture her sitting by the door.

Yes gary can send me pictures through the email. and yes i got julies package, tell her and the primary thanks. Its good to hear everythings going good.

Love Elder Cowley

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