January 17, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hola Familia,

Todo bien aqui en la Repulica Dominicana. Tuvimos muchisimo esta semana pasado, como siempre. oh wait.. english oh yeah... haha I have been speaking so much spanish this past week. Me and Elder Lesueur try and speak it always. Also I went on intercambios with Elder Jimenez a bunch of times last week. He is one of the zone leaders that lives with us. Hes from here, From the city Azua i think its called. Hes like 6´ 6. He came in my areas the first few days, so i was incharge of everything. It was kinda werid.

When we were in Los Llanos in a lession with some investigators it hit me.. i looked around and thought to myself wow im the only white person here.. im probably the only american for miles hah casue Los Lanos is the one thats a hour and a half bus ride out on a dirt road. Its probably the one of the most poor parts of the mission. Thats where Richard and Miosoti the goose are from hah ahh i forgot to take my camera to take a picture of it.

But anyway when me and Elder Jimenez were on the bus ride i had a way scary thing happen to me. First of all the bus is a tiny bus and its probably only suppose to fit 8 to 10 max. Bueno.. They jammed 24 of us in there! It was the most full bus I have been in. On each three person row there was 5 and on each 2 person row there was 4. but anyway, i was sitting halfway on a seat and my leg was stuck under a bunch of other people legs and my leg fell asleep. Not just a normal asleep leg. I couldnt even feel my knees! So we got to one of the stops and lucky only one person had to get out but turns out she was clear in the back so pretty much everyone had to get out for her to get by, but when i had to get out i stepped out of the bus and because i couldn't move or feel my leg, My knee completely colapsed backwards and i fell down on the ground! hah It was the weridest thing ever. So i had to have a dude help me back up to get in hah i thought i was gonna have to get my leg cut off. pretty scary hah my leg was a little sore the next day everythings fine now tho.

I got to go with Elder Jimenez to his area the next day. It deffinetly wasnt as much as an adventure as my area but it was cool. They have a way cool investigator named junior who we visited. We prepared him and went over the questions for his baptismal interview that was saturday. So hes getting baptized this next week. Way cool dude. he came and played Basketball with us today at the church. On saturday when my comp was interviewing junior i got to help Elder Timmreck teach english. hah it was a joke. We just went over how to pronouns each letter and how to tell the difference in some words. I never knew how stupid english was till trying to explain it to someone hah ¨dear and deer, why are they pronounsed the same?¨ hah and they asked a bunch of other questions like that, that me or elder timmreck had no clue why hah It was fun tho. We pretty much teach them about the gospel through teaching them english without them knowing . hah

We have so much stuff going on the consuelo and Los Llanos right now. Weve had so much help from all the members its awesome. We dont have any investigators that will be getting baptized soon but we have a bunch. We have 3 legit families that just need to get married and then there whole family can get baptized. I probably wont be here to see it happen tho. Transfers are in 2 weeks again and im sure ill go to the Capital now. Didnt get to hear back from ya but im sure everythings fine.

Love you guys Elder Cowley

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