January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Hola familia,

Well todays been quite a chill day so far hah usually on our pdays were running around everywhere getting stuff done and playing ball but today we have just been hanging out. Its nice for a change.

Last week we got to go with the office elders to look for a house in Los Llanos! wooo theyre spliting up the areas! We got up early and the office elders came and picked us up in their truck and we went out to Los Llanos to look for a house. It was a way hot day so we were glad we didnt have to ride in a tiny bus with a bunch of people again hah They were having a festival day thing there so the real estate place was closed so that didnt help. So we had to run around and find out were the real estate people lived. We got to one ladies house and she wasnt there for a while so we just hung out in the front yard under a huge tree for a while. She has a crazy chawawa that was running all over the place hah we´d throw things at it and it would freak out hah But anyway she didnt know of any houses so she wasnt any help so we just started driving around and asking people on the street if they knew of any houses and suprisingly it worked! we found quite a bit of houses. Alot of them were really crappy hah but after looking around all day we were about to give up and when we were looking at one of the crappy houses we looked down the street and there was people moving out of a house. so we ran down there and looked at the house. Its pretty nice. Its has bars over the windows, which we need, and has a mango tree, cherry tree and coco tree! way legit! It was right when we were about to give up we found the perfect house. Its way close to the church too. So now that we found a house in Los Llanos, either me or my comp will go out to los llanos and the other is gonna stay with the other 2 areas consuelo and quisqueya. Im pretty excited to see who goes where. It would be crazy to live out in los llanos casue its a way small town clear out in the campo! We find out sunday who goes where!

Weve been really busy this week, weve been contacting quite a bit in quisqueya casue we didnt have alot going on there. We actually had a lot of success too! Usually contacts go nowhere but the first few people we contacted are pretty legit investigators. So now we actually have alot to do again. We got to go to the church in los llanos yesterday and help out with the primary again. this time there wasnt alot of kids. usually theres like 15 crazy kids jumping off the walls hah Two of the Senor missionaries are out in los llanos, elder and sister Eickbush. There awesome. They dont know spanish very well so we always have to help them out. hah Elder Eickbush always makes and brings us banana bread when were in los llanos, hes a funny dude.

Its sounds like you guys have been having fun at the cabin and all! Thats odd its in the 50s there? The good season’s just waiting for me to get home haha.

Ahhh have fun in hawaii! Mabye the weather will be like it is here!

I got some pictures of Miosoti the crazy goose! YEs its about it attack me in one. hah Also a picture of us with the primary kids in Los Llanos.

Love you guys! Elder Cowley

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