January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

Hola familia!

Hola, ¿Como esta todo familia? or as dominicans would say it ¿comostatodofamila? hah This week was yet another crazy week. So the transfers are tomorow and im getting sent out to Los Llanos! woo! a hour and a half in the middle of sugar cain fields I go hah My comp elder Lesueur is staying in Consuelo and Quisqueya. but Los Lanos is one of the smallest areas/towns in the mission. Its a awesome little place tho. On the way to get there we drive through alot of sugar cain fields so its completely surrounded by them and so alot of the people that live there work out in the fields. Theres no big super market out there so were just gonna have to buy stuff out of the colmados out there. Which they only have like canned foods and rice hah It should be quite the adventure. My comps name is Elder Harker i think.. hah Hes a younger missionary than me!! hah which means im Senor comp! Im not sure how i feel about this yet. Im gonna be in charge of things already and i feel like i just got here hah Wish me luck!

My last week in Quisqueya and Consuelo was really good. Weve been working really hard and have got a lot of new people to visit. And have been having success with alot of the people. Things have really slowed down in Los Llanos.. perfect. just when i get moved out there hah Yesterday we went to church in Consuelo and now they changed sacrement meeting to 9 in the morning to try and get people there on time. but people still were late. so when we started there was about 9 people hah Way cool branch tho. In Los Llanos the branch president is gonna start working in a different town alot again so hes not gonna be there for alot of the sundays and there is not really any other leaders there except for Elder and sister Eickbush hah so that means me and elder Harker and pretty much gonna be running the church out there too. This next transfer should be a hard one but its gonna push me to learn alot. So Im kinda nervous/excited.

The house out there should be pretty sweet. Its close to the church and its got its own yard and the fruit trees in the back. Since were the first missionaries there im not sure if were gonna have anything in the house really hah The APs took the beds and fridge but i didnt see them take anything else hah so we might not have anything to eat our food with for a while.

Sounds like you guys had fun in Hawaii! I remember going the the broads house and playing on the beach and stuff, that was way fun. Christy sent me some pictures of there trip. I cant even imagine what cold weather would feel like anymore. I actually got cold the other day and it was still 70. i think im getting weak like heather and jake haha Its good to hear everythings good!

Love you guys! Elder Cowley

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