January 3, 2012

January 2, 2012


Wow its aready 2012, thats werid. Our news year eve was just great here. hah We were in consuelo that day and we got invited to eat at a members house Anni. But during the day we went out and visited some of our investigators and some members with annis nephew Eric. This kid is awesome, he always comes out and works with us when were in consuelo. ahh we have to walk so much in consuelo too casue is soo massive! Hes a way good sport, he came out with us all day long. After that we went and ate. The food was solid! guess what! is wasnt rice, beans and chicken!! that was a first! We had empanadas and tacos. They were way good. Empanadas are basically fried tacos hah way good. wait.. now that i think about it there actually was rice beans and chicken.. well they werent the main part, which they always are hah but anyway.

After that we came home casue president wanted all the missionaries home a little earlier that night. We had some treats at home then went up to the roof and watched the fireworks. there was fireworks just going off everywhere, it was way sweet. The people really love new years here. Theres people in the streets that just run around and make noise, or cars that drive by with really loud music blasting out there speakers. It was pretty cool up on the roof casue we could see our whole neighborhood and all the fireworks.

Sunday we went to los llanos and went we got there the president asked us to speak! hah suprize. so my comp went first and i had already had a talk that i gave a few weeks ago in quisqueya about Diezmo. So i thought.. When my comp was just wrapping up i reached in my scriptures to get it and.. i wasnt there. WOW i thought. what will i do now hah Well me and my comp have been practicing teaching about El Libro De Mormón. so i decided id just go up and talk about it off the top of my head. so i did. and it actually went really good! hah i wasnt nervous one bit either. i just got up there in my broken spanish and did what i could. It was totally longer than my farewell talk. hah Pretty sweet tho.

Oh we visited a member in los llanos after. His names Richard. Hes an awesome dude. we went to his house and he has a guarding goose! Its the scariest thing ive ever seen! It just walked back and forth across his yard and shquacks at people that walk by, and itll attack people that get near it. So we had to sneak past this loco goose. hah we visited him and we were sitting out side and the whole time we were sitting there it was eyeing us and getting closer and closer. Richard was telling us about it and how they have a better smell then a dog does. and that you can train them to guard hah So it was obvious that he trained it casue it was creepin all over the place hah it kept getting really close to us and it would get in attack mode then richard would just throw a stick at it then it would leave. and then slowly come back 10 minutes later haha so creepy. Were going to visit him this next week so ill snap a pic of it for you guys.

Im growing such a big love for the people here. All the members and such nice people. they just come out and help us whenever and help us find people to teach. So awesome. We rarley have to do contacts! hah Everythings going good with my new comp. it took a little adjusting casue he doesnt talk as much as my last comp but its good casue ive learned so much more becasue of it!

It sounds like everythings going good, thats a bummer theres still no snow... NOT! i have 80 degree weather right now, its so hot.

hahah Daves letter is way funny. I remember the first letter home and how werid it was to be emailing your family just after you left them hah Hes gonna love it. Mom, I can help you learn spanish when i get back dont worry haha Glad to hear that the trip to the cabin was fun too.

Love you guys!

Elder Cowley

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