July 22, 2013

24 Month Survey

Final Q + A Survey of the Mission - Black is Mike's answers....

1. It’s been 24 months into your 2 year mission, How long do you feel like you've been gone?
Only 2 years?  hah By now its felt like ive lived a whole life here in the mission, like another dimension or somethin. BUt at the same time if i think back to the last week at home it feels like it has only been about a month or 2 hah It fells so werid coming to the end of the missionary life. i dont know how to handle myself

2. What is your favorite thing about the DR right now?
 My favorite thing right now is the people and the way of life here in the DR! These last few months ive just been soaking in the way people are, so chill and layed back.

3. What do you think the temperature is where you are, right now?
 A rather chilling 99degrees!

 4. What food do you miss today?
NOt mexican food! WE went and ate at a way legit mexican food restaurant today! BURRITOs!

5. Do you ever dream in english now?
 almost never. I rarly think in english either.

6. What is something you want to remember that has happened recently?
6.and 9. So on wednesday we got invited to eat lunch with the old branch president and his wife, in the morning before going to their house we had some appointments in Via Playbo and Maria, a member, came with us to visit the people. After the visits we got to marias house she had food their waiting for us! We didnt want her to feel bad so we quickly ate a little. Well i ate a little, elder Arias ate alot. Then after we went to the old branch presidents house to eat. Oh man we were already full but we didnt want them to feel bad either, so we ate.. again hah Luckly i didnt eat alot with Maria so i wasnt as bad as Elder Arias. The second we got home elder arias exploded!! Double dragon style hahaha Your always hear of missionaries about their stories about eating too much with members and then throwing up in the street. Well now weve had ours.

7. What is your favorite thing to teach about the gospel right now?
 well weve actualy been out of restoration pamphlets for like a month now due to all the new missionaries.. boo. so were teaching more the plan of salvation and gospel de jesucristo. I think my favorite thing to do right now is when we visit members we just open the book of mormon and with the page we land on we share a scripture hah

8. Who has made the biggest impression on you recently?
 A way legit member named Brother Elvis! He´s always magnifying his calling, hes the one that has planned and organized every activity that we do. Hes organizing a "good-bye" activity for me on wednesday! wahoo!

9. See #6 :)

10. What is the most important thing you've learned recently?
 "Dont tell God how big your problems are, Tell your problems how big God is."

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