July 22, 2013



        Time is going by way too fast!

     Ive got so many mixed feelings about this next week. Its the biggest happy/sad emotion inside im not sure how to take it.   Not gonna lie, I'm very ready to come home but im not ready to let the mission and the people i love here go! Thats why im just soaking it in while it lasts.

           Such a solid week last week. last monday i got some awesome news! After we used internet we went and visited marcos cause he had been on a work trip for almost 2 weeks, we went and talked and shared what we talked about in church. Hes always wondering if he missed anything important if he misses church on sunday hah. He had some property up north, so he went up their for a while to sell the land and to visit some of his family. Oh yeah so the awesome news! When marcos was on his way home he past by Sabana Perdida and picked up his mom!! Amalia my convert from a year ago!! She came with him to come live out here for now. Wahoo! AMALIA! shes such an awesome lady, being able to see her and talk to her again has been awesome. She updated me about everything and everyone back in Sabana Perdida. Its so rad to know that past converts are still strong and active in the gospel.

      Today we enjoyed my last p-day and went to a way good mexican restaurant in Punta Cana! Wow i havent had mexican food like that since home! Marcos came with us, hes always down for doing whatever with us! hes seriously like our best friend out here. After eating mexican food we ate frosties from wendys hah I guess its not such a good idea to eat food you can eat in america your last week in the DR hah but man, Im getting pretty sick of rice!

      We had a few activities last week, we did a family night in the house of some investigators that live clear out in Via Europa "the boonies", We actually had a good turnout, the house was full. Of course the faithful Brother Elvis shared a way good message about the justice and mercy of God. Your can tell hes been a bishop before and that hes got alot of time in the church, He just knows how to teach a deep doctrine for everyone, so that everyone understands. Hes got so many examples and stories to explain everything. He´d be a great mission companion!

      We had a super busy week last week and were gonna probably have the busiest week of all this next week, to more family nights, to exchanges, to "good-bye elder cowley activity" and to last mission meeting on friday! To many things to do. I only have 3 more days of prosiliting due to all of the activities and meetings this week. Its gonna be hard to teach all the investigators that we have for the last time:(

         Well yes this is my last email! Sorry its a little short we have to get to a family night that we got planned like in 10 minutes!!!  Next monday i gotta go to the capital super super early and President and sister Hernandez talk to us a little and then we have a big testimony meeting with all the missionaries that go home and then we sleep in the MTC. On tuesday we get up super early to get on the PLANE!!! WAHHHH!!!   LOVE YOU GUYS AND SEE Y´ALL TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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