June 20, 2013

Letter + Photos from June 17th, 2013

Hola familia!

Hey y´all! whats up! MOm and dad your still in alaska?? wow are you gonna move there? hah You guys are in Alaska freezin, im here in the DR sweating my face off! Its seriously getting way to hot, were half way through june and it somehow gets hotter in july.. aghh! well at least the ocean breeze is nice when it comes.

Transfers are up! We got the call ohh so special last night. Well ill just say that ill be enjoying the ocean breeze for another 6 weeks! Im staying in BAVARO until the end of the mission road! Elder Arias is staying too! Ive already been with him more time than any other companion and by the time we finish this next transfer we will have had 5 months together. Thats way too much! hah but whateve all is good. Were getting a little sick of Pueblo Bávaro and Veron so this next transfer were gonna start visiting the other towns that we havent been to in our area. Its a little tough in new areas cause we just have to start from scratch and start by knocking them doors. ¡Knock knock! We were also thinking of doing some gran theft auto so we dont have to walk and take so many buses! If we steal a car for the missions progress is that bad?

The activity was so rad! There was a bunch of people that showed up! Members brought their friends and they were able to listen a little about the church and about the restoration and then we set up appointments with them so everything went smoothly as planned. Got some new peps to teach. References are always so much better to. We started the activity with a family that bore there testimonies, we then followed them by singing our special rehearsed song "Que es la verdad" i forget what song that is in english hah. Me and elder arias and 4 other members sang, It went alright.. lets just say that some dominicans are a little tone deaf.. haha. After the song full of a few sharps and flats we watched the movie about the great apostasy with Wilfford woodruff. And then a member gave a talk about the restoration, hes a way cool member, he just got released from being a bishop in the captial. A few months before he got called as bishop he was the member that helped start this branch out here in Bávaro. After his talk we ended and ate ham and cheese sandwiches. such a simple thing never tasted so good, i cant even remember that last time I made a basic ham and cheese sandwich. It always reminds me of lake powell! hah. BUT all in all it was a solid activity!

On saturday we went and visited Anas famliy. Ana is the little old lady that we baptized like a month ago. Ana moved up north to her hometown but her daughter and grandchildren stayed. Everytime we visited them they would always make us fresh fruit smoothies and so we felt like we needed to give back somehow. Saturday in the morning we ordered a pizza from the local pizza pueblo bávaro and we surprized them with it! We always talked about bringing a pizza for them since forever ago so we were finaly able to do it! I still think that theyre all gonna get baptized. The daughter, Ana maria is super strong in her church but the other day we shared a scripture from the BOM and she loved it and had a few questions about it, her heart is softening for sure.

Welp me and Elder arias are just getting ready to go wild this next transfer, for right now we dont have many investigaters that look like there going to get baptized soon so were gonna go contact crazy these next few week to try and find a bunch of new people. hope all is well with you all back at home! your all in my prayers always! LOB YA!!

Elder Cowley
1. Activity night!
2. Pizza with Ana´s fam!


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