June 26, 2013

Letter from Tuesday June 25th, 2013

     So im writing today cause yesterday we went out to San Pedro(2hours away) to a zone activity and we got home too late. we played some mad fútbol! I totally scored the opening goal again too!! way sick!

   Anyway, What up everybody! Just like the famous singer from the D.R. Omega says, "¿¿Como está mi gente??"(in a low flat voice) Wow the people have been going Omega crazy lately. Every colmado in the street and every car that passes has him playing, he's probably one of the worst singers ever hah. Theres no LOUD music law in this country, so everyone blasts their music. But its all good cause we get our fair share of MoTab jams blastin from the house. hah the other day our neighbor told us," hey you guys got good music, can you make me a cd?" hah

       We definitely had a FULL week this past week. Yes, we were able to go to some other areas to work. On tuesday we went over to an area called Via Playbo. Its about 20 minutes from the house, kinda a pain cause we have to take two buses. Theres 1 whole member there, Maria, and she works alot tho. Im pretty sure were the first missionaries in history to start working there, everyone looks at us like theyve never seen the mormons before its quite odd. And all the kids yell, hey americano give me 5 pesos. hah I havent heard that for a while!  We started out just knocking on a few random doors and the first two people that we contacted let us in and let us share with them. So ya, the people are pretty desprate to hear a message about God from anyone other than the crazy yelling evangelic pastors hah!  We met a way cool lady named Tereza, shes pregnant with 8 months so shes about to blow. But she had muchas questions and she wanted to come to church on sunday but she didnt have money, so we gave her money to come.   Via Playbo is full of alot cool people so were gonna start going there 2 days a week.

     Sunday was a pretty solid day! I got some AWESOME news!!!! Ill tell ya in a sec. First off, on sunday for church last week we pretty much didnt have any investigators in church, so we were all bummed out from that but this sunday we were blessed. We had a bunch of investigaters and a bunch of new ones that came for their first time. Keidy came to church, she´s the one that weve been visiting since forever, and we washed her dog last week so that was good that she came to church to pay back the favor hah. A few new investigators that we found from the activity last week came to church for their first time. And Marcos brought a few friends to church too. The church was full, we had 55 in church! Thats 5 away from being able to build our own chapel!! As soon as we get an average of 60 going every week we can build it. The stake president told us that its our job while were walking around to find were theyre gonna build the church!   Later on sunday we watched the missionary conference in the church. Did you guys get to watch that? or maybe it was just for missionaries. I thought it was for all church leaders too. not sure. But it was way good. They mixed it up a bit and made it a different meeting. One of the apostles would talk and then in between each talk they showed missionary videos. The new videos are pretty cool, theyre kinda like missionary music videos hah.       Alright heres the awesome news, later when we got home after we planned i just got a random feeling that i needed to call one of my past converts but i wasnt sure who yet, so i looked in my preach my gospel where i have all the names and dates of baptizms of all my converts and i saw Lilians name and i saw that exactly a year ago she got baptized the 23 of june! Remember lilian? A way cool 50ish yr old lady we contacted, taught and baptized out in my area in the captial.  So i gave her a call and she was more than happy to talk to me! i havent talked to her since i left that area almost a year ago. Shes doing awesome in the church shes way strong and has a calling and teaching classes already. But the GREAT NEWS is that this thursday shes going to enter the temple to get her endowments out!!!! wahooooo!!!! I wanted to explode with happiness when she told me that!! ahh thats one of the best feelings you can have in the mission! We were thinking me and elder arias were going to be able to go but Pres. Hernandez said, no.... booooo! Kinda sad about that. Missionaries can only go if theyre getting sealed or if its the first time going.  It would have worked out perfect cause our branch is doing a temple trip on friday till saturday. We actually have permision to go with our branch on friday with the branch cause James and JeanEder are going to come to do baptizms! So that made things a little better. Temple trip friday yeah!

       The power of God is so incredibly big. Last week on saturday in the morning we got a call from the member that organized the activity and he said he was on his way to our house because his brother Juan was having really bad kidney pains and hadnt been able to work for a few days so he wanted a blessing. It was still about 9am so were still in the house, when they got there we had to go out to the car to give the blessing cause Juan couldnt even stand up or walk due to the intensity of the pains. We climbed in the back of the car and gave the blessing from the back seat. Immediately as we ended the prayer "Amen" Juan sat up and looked back up at us and said "Muchisimas gracias!" His face just brightened up and he was completely relieved from all pain after the blessing. It all happened so fast and it was so suprizing that we dont even remember what we said or did. Later that day he was able to got to work. Milagro for sure.   One of the many reasons why the mission is awesome, to really be a witness of the power of God.   

    Welp we got an appointment right now in good ol Barrio Nuevo! yippy! We have such a busy week this week today weve started english class again every tuesday at 7. Tomorrow were going to Via Playbo to work and then at 7 theres a Activity family night thing at Marcos´s house. Thursday district meeting then we might go clear out to Macau again. Then friday were off to the captial to the temple! and then were coming home saturday in the afternoon just in time for a bunch of visits. ¡Ya tu sabes! 

Love you guys! Try not to think about 35 days from today...   SEE YA!!!

   Elder Cowley

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