July 1, 2013

Letter + Photos from Monday July 1st, 2013

Hey guys!ª
         Such a rad week this week! Where do I start. I´ll go day by day this time.

 Tuesday: Start the new week off with running in the morning. Our new goal is to at least go running two times a week. Tuesday and Friday. I was suprized we actually did it tuesday too, Because on monday we played soccer in the burnning sun for 4 hours! Im sure we ran at least 6 miles each that day! The english class was a success. People actually came this time, 4 whole people yah! Its actually better like that. Its not such a headache. I get overwelmed if theres a bunch of people. I´ll never be a school teacher :(

Wednesday: (who invented the spelling of >Wednesday< what a tard.) We tracted the morning away in Via Playbo! We didnt have as much luck this time as the last but we did meet some funny people. One dude just sitting on his porch playing some sad blues guitar songs, we talked to him cause he looked a little down but he didnt speak much spanish cause he moved form haiti not long ago. We invited him to church and then he let me jam on his guitar a little so its all good. In the night we had a Family night at Marcos´s house. Even tho we and everyone got there late, running on dom.rep. time, it was a great night. After the spiritual message we played a game where you have to pass a pen around in a circle to one another and talk in a crying voice then in a laughing voice hah Im not sure how to explain it, but it was way funny.

Thursday: Un Dia muy lluvioso. A very rainy day. Every thursday we go to higuey for district meeting, we left the house at 9 to be there at 10 and whlie we were waiting for the bus there on the side of the road at 9 it was blue clear skies but as soon as we got to Higuey the clouds came rolling in! After district meeting we ran ourselfs in the rain to the B.K. lounge. They had a special 2 for 1 wopper deal so we couldn't miss that! "you crassy?"

Friday: Temple trip!¡!¡!  4pm we left from the chruch. There were 8 of us in total. 3 going for their first time Marcos, James and jeanEder! wahoo. 2 members went to get their endowments out. It was a really fruitful trip! One family from our branch was going to get sealed but they werent able to make it. Our Branch President, Pres Hyrum is doing work! Hes helped so many members go to the temple. He was a super missionary when he was in the mission, he baptized like over 100 people. And now hes going strong helping the branch progress.  We had to make a few stops on the way so we didnt get to the Temple grounds until like 9! We stayed in the MTC right there on temple grounds. Everyone that travels from far to the temple stay in the MTC for 100 pesos a night hah thats like $3.50!  Its a bummer the MTC doesnt sell their food to the visiters, i loved the food when i was there! Its only for the new missionaries that are in the MTC. But its cool cause we went and bought pizza at a supermarket and cooked it there. Everone was so hungry that we took the pizza out of the oven way too early, it was soo doughy! hah

Saturday: Our session was at 10 and i had to renew my temple recommend before hand so we got up early and ate some leftover dough pizza! ahh yea! Right when we left the MTC when we were walking to the temple, Jean Eder ran in to us right in time to go in the temple. Hes living in the captial so he just met up with us saturday so he could come. WOW going to the temple saturday here in the D.R. its quit a big deal! There was wayy too many people!!! Me and Arias went and did baptizms with marcos,james and jeanEder while the other members from our branch did a session. There was 2 wards that were in front of us to do baptizms, like around 50 kids! So i talked to some of the temple workers and got us in front of all of them! hah Everything went perfectly. Marcos, james and jean loved it, couldnt stop talking about it after.  We left the temple like at 2, ate some Pica Pollo and got on the road quick. Pica Pollo never sits well in the stomach. If you guys have forgotten, pica pollo is dominican fast food rice, beans and fried chicken. The owners are always chinese! hah its so weird, i still havent figured out why the chinese come here to make dominican food. they do a pretty good job tho. We got home around 6. Its very draining two days of more than hours in a car traveling. Its strange that we get more tired sitting in a car all day than walking around in the hot sun.

Sunday: Holy Cow!!! Church was so awesome!! We were even more blessed than last week this week! We had 12 investigators in church! Marcos brought two of his kids that we are going to start teaching. Marcos wants all his 7 kids to get baptized so whenever they come and visit he takes advantage of us and tell us to teach and baptized them hah. Marcos is such a good guy, he just wants the best for his kids and doesnt want them to go through what he´s been through. Also Tereza, the lady that were teaching in Via Playbo came to church. Shes got faith for sure, she lives two buses away!  The new family that were teaching came. Its a single mom and her 4 kids and cousin. The kids are awesome theyve come 2 times to the church and they were the 4 that came to the english class. The moms just got a few doubts about José Smith. When we talked to them yesterday we watched the restoration video and told her to pray about it, thats all we can do. And it always works:)    So in total in church we had 86 people!!!!!! 86! thats like since never. There was like 15 americans visiting but still thats like 70 local people; members, the less active folk and investigaters. President Hyrum was so happy with us that he invited us to eat with him. Wooot! we eat like kings in presidents house!

 So as you see it was yet another unforgettable week in the mission. Its sad to think that i only have 4 more of them!

Hey also today for pday we went to some rad cave and to the beach with marcos! I´ll send pictures to explain it, my fingers are tired..

I got a bunch of pics coming at ya so get ready!
   ¡LES AMO!

-Elder Cowley

1. Beautiful temple of the Domincan Republic
2. Marcos, jeanEder and james first time at the temple!
3. Rep the dom rep!
4. chillin'
5. Beach in MACAU!

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