June 11, 2013

Letter + Photos from June 10th, 2013

Hey family fri-ends!

THanks for all the birthday wishs guys! you make me feel very important:) haha Also thank you very mucho for the package!!! Yes it got here in one piece, and my card works great! Flip im 21 years old... oLd! Im proud to say ive once again had an amazing Dia de cumpleaños! woop!
 Here it is for ya:
Yesterday for my birthday we first off has a great turn out in church. A few less active members and investigators came so it was pretty full. I had a suprise talk that i had to give! hah About 10 minutes before sacerment started president Hyrum, our branch president, came up to my and was like "ya so, the lady that was gonna talk last didnt show up so uhh your up, thanks!" hah He said it was my birthday present from him! The two that talked before me totally didnt talk up like any time so i had to talk the time up but whateve it wasnt to bad tho. I talked about sacrifice. After sacerment president Hyrum invited us to eat lunch at his house! We ate Lobsterrrrr!! SOOO delish! Rice lobster and pork! Solid meal. Im not sure how we made it through the afternoon working without poopin our pants cause we were so full! Pretty much everyone we visited gave us something like juice or cookies. Elder Arias just was telling everyone that it was my birthday cause he was loving all the free food! We visited our investigator that weve been talking to forever named Keidi, when we got there she said she couldnt talk cause she had to wash her dog, so we offerd to help and she let us! hah So we washed a dog for my birthday too. In the night we went to an investigators house and they had a suprize dinner all ready for us!! Holy totes it was amazing. We had chicken fajitas, fried plateno, with yuka mashed like mashed potatoes but made with yuka. and to top it all off they bought me a birthday cake!! People are so rad here!! When we left they gave us a big bag of cookies and a tie. hah And they didnt want the cake so they made us take it home too. Theres still half of that puppy left! I think all this food along with the package you guys sent me im set on food untill the end of my mish!

On thrusday after district meeting we also celebrated my birthday and we went to the B.K. lounge(burgerking) that just got built in Higuey. Its pretty much the same here as it is in the states. After we ate we had an adventure, me and Elder Arias got a reference of a lady that wants to get baptized but she lives way far away. By a little town called Macau, its up on the north east coast a little farther up than the Hard Rock Cafe hotel. Its part of our endless area so we got to go clear out there! We left from Higuey like at 4 and it was about a hour and a half ride through up and down hilly fields of green! Such a cool view. Bummer i didnt have my camera. We got off the bus where the lady told us to get off, a little before Macau. When we got off, from the main road we looked into a little dirt trail that disappeared into the trees... sketchy! we werent even sure where we were! So we gave her a call. when called the lady she said she just had left her house!! ahhh We went clear out there just to visit her and she left. We got there a little late cause we didnt know that it was so far away, but we figured we were just running on Dominican time! hah So we walked around and contacted a few people selling fruit there on the main street. The poor people in the country-side and always so cool! They had no clue what the mormons were, so that was a first. hah We talked to them for a bit while waited for the next bus to pass. It was about an hour wait so we just hung out and ate mangos. We ended up getting home like at 8!! It took up the whole day but it was fun. If i stay here in this area were hoping they send two more missionaries so we can go out to these little towns more often!

Firday night we went to Higuey to their very cool sports night activity! We played soccer in the night lights at the church with a bunch of members and investigators. While we were playing it rained like crazy! We were all falling and slipping all over the place. We took Gustav the less active and his friend were teaching Fafa. Such a fun night, we luckly caught the last bus at like 9:30, we soaked the bus seats! hah

This saturday we have a big activity here in our Branch, so this next week were gonna be getting it all prepared. Its for investigators and visiters. Every member is supposed to bring atleast one friend each! We have a few people that are gonna talk, a recent member family that is gonna bare their testimonies, some performed songs, and a movie of the restoration and to top it off some food. We gotta figure out what food is going down. i think president Hyrum is making the food so it should be pretty legit! Were hoping a good turn out, atleast 25 members and 25 visiters. ¡¡Tenemos fe!!

Welp thanks for all you guys do!! I love you all!! see you in 51 days.. cough cough :):)

Con amor de Elder Cowley

1. Dinner with pres!
2. birthday cake!
3. Investigators! Antoni´s family, he wasnt there. That little box to the left is their shower!
4. The kids attanking me! haha

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