May 7, 2013

Letter + Photos from May 6th, 2013

FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS JAKE!!!(on friday.) Im such a lucky kid to have the coolest Brother in-laws. Your a big example jake, just like you say to me, im glad you were born. hah

Hey guys!
The great anticipated moment is here, the transfer calls are in... And im off to... NOwhere! wahoo, im staying! power of prayer right? hey. Elder Arias is staying too, so were gonna have another month and a half of being comps. It should be another fun transfer. Im glad im staying for various reasons, first were expecting a few more baptizms soon, and second weve been planning on going to a buffet in one of the way nice hotels for P-day and we havent done it yet! I think we might go to the hotel Barceló. Its one of the nicest in the country. We have an investigator that works there so hes gonna find out the prices for us. Were thinking of going early in the morning to eat breakfast and then just hangout till were hungry again! hah can you do that?

One of the coolest moments in the missionary life is when the day comes for your investigater to get baptized, But the best moment is when that new convert bears there testimony in church!! Yesterday in church Ana, having one week as a member, bore her testimony! ahh it was awesome. I totally didnt expect it! She´s pretty timid so we were way happy to see her get up and do it! You gotta have some mad respect for her, shes got a week in the church and barley knows everyone and there was alot of people in church too! Shes an example to me for sure.

We got a few new people were teach that are looking way legit. Two haitans, James, think i told you about james already, but the other one is Jean Eder. Jean Eder, ya his names totally in creol. the pronunciation doesnt really make sense in english, or spanish hah. Hes a way cool dude, his story is almost the same has james´s but he lived in the captial here in the DR and visited the church there, and now came out here to look for a job with the hotels and stuff. Two sundays ago he just showed up at church and so we put an appointment with him. We meet with him and james together cause they both have talked to the missionaries before and were just reviewing everything. We set a baptizmal goal for the 18th this month with them both so we´ll see how that goes! Yesterday we talked to them and Jean Eder started asking us about the mission. After talking and explaining a little about the mission he said ahh its too bad im too old cause id like to do that. Even we thought he was too old cause he looks a little older like 30 but we asked, ´wait how old are you?´ and he said 24!!!! were like holy cow dude you can totally still do it! hah He was pumped we told him if he gets baptized this month he could be serving by next year this time. He was thinking that it takes alot of time like 4 years to prepare for the mission so we explained about the MTC and all the mission prep classes. Jean Eder already knows alot about the bible and BOM, I told him I thought he was already ready!
On friday we borrowed Marcos´s bikes again! haha we even took them all the way to Veron saturday morning! Its totally not even that dangerous on the road, theres a good side walk on one side. The only thing that was a little sketchy was that the bikes dont have brakes! hah Elder Arias almost crashed into a tree like 3 times, even almost a parked car once! hah That was soo nice saturday morning to ride to veron rather that walk. but we realized that you sweat a whole lot more on a bike hah we were soaking with sweat when we got there. It was only like a 5 minute ride too. Stupid hot sun.

So elder arias almost got eaten by a Rotweiler saturday night! We were out walking in Veron and a dude had his gate that goes around his house open and he was out side with his dog letting the dog take a wizzz. And we stopped and talked to him to invite him to church and Elder Arias bent down and called the dog and it went WILD! It ran towards him and then came to a sudden stop like a foot from him and just stared at him growling. and the owner went to grab it and it jump at us and right before it got to us the owner snached it by the collar!!! wow we were totally freaked out! Elder arias said he peed a little hahah.

Response to your questions,
Anas husband lives up north in a place called Porto plata. Thats where she was raised.
Were trying to teach her daughter and kids but its a little hard cause her daughter works everysingleday!
Yes the other elder Cowley is from salt lake.
we dont go to the mission home. casue i dont think we have one.. i think cause theres a MTC here.
Yes i think its cool being clear out in a area where theres no other missionaries, we get to explore alot! I actually only had one area with other missionaries in the capital, all my other areas have been little towns and branches like im in now.

Welp love you guys all, im glad to hear your all doing good! Thanks for praying to help me stay in my area hah.
Later! Elder Cowley
2. Mexican meal! with frys! no, thats not cow . . . . .

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