April 30, 2013

Letter + photos from April 29th, 2013

FELIZ CUMPEAÑOS SHMEEELI!!!!! Eres mi mejor amigo que tengo! SHeeshh 30 and your still throwing down like your my age. Snowboarding and soccer maniac!

HEy y´all!!

Hows life going?? sounds like things are warming up in good ol utah. Glad to hear that the grass is turning green again! hah Hows the lawn mowing going?? ohh how i miss mowing the lawn... 3 months more and ill be helping out, dont worry. The sun has been tremendously burning hot this week. Its really tough to leave at 3pm to walk a good 40 minutes to Verón with that great celestial glory in the face on a full tummy of rice. Ya im sure you have to read that sentance twice to understand it.. hah We havent even got in to may yet and were dying. Every one always tells us we need to take umbrellas around with us. But we tell them two things, that were not girls nor Jehovas wittness´s hah

ANA got baptized wahoo!! Its was such a good baptizm. We didnt even think about trying to fill up the blow up pool from the church again! That was such a waste last time. We did it in the classic pool of ours! We're trying to start a little early so that it wasnt dark when we did the baptizm. So we announced it last sunday at 6. But of cousre were in the DomRep and were running on their time. So it started at 7. Even for like really important meetings theyre late haa just a bit too relaxed sometimes. Our new ward mission leader Johny gave a talk about the gift of the holy ghost. Johny´s so awesome, hes only got like 2 years in the church and he comes to every baptizm, activity and meeting we have! Our last ward mission leader is lame, he doesnt even come to church! Johny lives right behind our house too so we talk to him alot anyway. We bought him a cake saturnight just for being such a pimp. Ana´s family that she lives with came to her baptizm, Her daughter and her 3 grandkids. Shes actually got a huge family, but they live up north. She has 5 kids and like 30 grandchildren! Ana picked me to baptize her, wow the water was freezing. They totally dont put heaters in the pools here. Ana´s daughter was crying when ana got baptized cause she was so happy. She's actually really active in the 7th day adventest church but after the baptizm she asked how she can become a member of our church!! That family is solid! Their all gonna get baptized for sure in the future! Ana´s old husband that lives up north is already a member of the church, so he was really happy to know that she got baptized. It was such a good baptizm, like sometimes baptizms arent put together too great by missionaries so they aren't that spiritual.. missionaries in higuey... cough cough. hah But we were glad to have help from some members to make it a rememberable baptizm.

Transfers are coming up again next week, on sunday theyre gonna call us and tell us! I dont wanna go!!!! Me and Elder Arias are finding so many awesome investigators that it´ll be a bummer if they boot me to another area. Plus my biggest suitcase´s wheel is totally destroyed! hah It´s gonna be impossible to get it around! Help me pray that i stay, thanks!

On friday we had a zone conference, Elder Cornish from the 70 was gonna come to talk to us but he wasnt able to make it. So President Hernandez was gonna give his talk. But about after 20 minutes the meeting started president fainted! He fell pretty hard too. So the assistants gave him a blessing and he and sister hernandez left for the hospital. After that it was left up to the assistants to give elder cornish´s talk about prayer and fasting. The other Elder Cowley is one of the assistants to president right now and wow let me tell you, that kid is gonna be an apostle! He talks with so much power when he testifies. He told a story about the apostle elder Cowley that was way cool. ´when Elder Cowley was a stake president he had a family come to him with their 2 year old child and said that he was blind, deaf, and couldnt speak. The couple had been praying and fasting for 2 days to help the child and then they came to Elder Cowley to give the baby a blessing. He said after a few months Elder Cowley recieved a letter from the family, saying "its a miracle! our child is being healed, when we throw a ball by the child he crawls after it, when we clap by his ears he responds!" God works miracles if we show our faith by praying and fasting. Just like when Jesus's apostles asked one time why they werent able to cast out a bad spirit, Jesus responded "This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting." (Mark 9:29)

Well the internet center is closing, we got home a little late casue we were playing soccer all day in Higuey and then the buses to get back home had a crazy delay so were writing a little late. Thanks for all you guys do!! I love you all! your a huge example to me!
-Elder Cowley

1. Ana's bapitzm!
2. ANA!
3. being baptized
4. La Familia


Responds to your questions
Yes me and elder Arias are the only missionaries out here.
and Higuey is about an hour away.
Gas is pretty much the same here, like 230 pesos a gallon. so thats like 6 dollars a gallon... wait thats alot!! hah
Yes we eat the hot dogs here, there just as bad for you here as they are there! hah
And yes we have stake confrence. The last one just past, so i dont have anymore here.:(

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