April 23, 2013

Letter + Beautiful Photos from April 22, 2013

Hope all is going well!

Yes, hello people. Im going to have to once tell you again that im doing great, nothings bad. Me and Elder Arias have a new thing. I taught him the word "Relax" So if one of us is stressed or mad we just say "relax elder relax". hah It actually works pretty good. It just makes me laught the way Elder Arias says it with his spanish accent hah Hes learning quite a bit of english. Were reading the BOM in english together for language study hour. Its magic, thats how I learned spanish!

So check it, today we went an a crazy adventure!! WOW. So the missionaries from Higuey came up here with us and We did a COAST WALK! Holy cow we walked so far. Like 10 kilometers, whats that in miles? like 6. We had Marcos take us 6 in his little car. We smashed right in that car domincan style! His car sounds like its a Ferrari but its the crappiest car ive seen hah It runs on propaine gas, so it makes a huge ¡POP! ever 30 seconds. We started our hike from the southern point of the east coast, just a little above the Hotels in Punta Cana, all the way to the north point in a part called Cabeza de torro. We took quite a while cause we were taking pictures every few minutes cause it was so pretty! Wow the water is so blue! The hike started on coral rock, there was a few fisher men with the classic DR style ¡sting fishing poles! They actually had caught a bunch of fish. It was really cool to walk along the road and see the waves shoot the water up the coral up in the sky 20 feet! On the coast walk we saw a huge abandoned hotel! Super weird, it looked like they were still in the process of building when they left it. It was kinda creepy! Would of been a cool hotel cause its alone and its got a way sweet private beach. About 5 minutes north from the abandone hotel there was a lagoon. Apperently sometimes there´s flamingos, but they migrate to some other place during this time of the year. We also saw where there used to be a really old light house, we actually thought it was still there so we were looking around for it but when we got there the people said it fell down like 3 years ago haha We passed by a bunch of nice resorts on the way too. In all it was a really cool walk, We always wanted to go and explore out there. You can actually take a car the whole way if you want. Its a little much walking the whole way, it took about 3 1/2 hours walking. Well see tomorrow if we got burn bad or not, i put on sunscreen this time!

Ana is going to get baptized saturday!!!! Shes so cool, we went and talked to her to do the baptizm interview and when we got there she was chilling there on the couch reading the restoration book. She reads so much, and shes learned so much since the first time we taught her. Shes like 70 and luckly our branch is full of women her age so she made a bunch of friends quick! Marcos´s son David isnt getting baptized yet, really soon tho. If not the 4th of may then the 11th. Wow were almost already in MAY!!! Crazyness.

We're being blessed so much lately. In church weve started a investigator class from the gospel principles book and yesterday we had 7 investigators in church. Last week a haitian dude named james came up to us and he just moved from haiti to here and he was visiting the church in haiti so he wanted to come to church here. He wasnt sure that there was a church here but he was glad to find us in the street to tell him were the church was. Thats the way the church is always going to be growing and growing fast cause where ever you go in the world theres a church build! So James came to church with his book of mormon in creol and he brought a friend too. Their way cool dudes. I think james will get baptized soon, hes just got a good attitude about things.

Well i just want to tell all you guys that read this, thanks for being cool and taking the time. Love you all!
Elder Cowley

1. ¡Océano!
4. Splash
5. Where the light house used to be
6. Temple trip!

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