April 15, 2013

Letter and Photo April 15th, 2013

Hey you guys!
            Hola todos, ¿Que tal?¿Como le va?    

       Felicidades cousins Andrea and Maigan for getting married! thats super crazy. Wow were all getting old. Life goes by really fast if you sit and think where your at and whats going on around you.. hah It seems like yesterday that me and maigan would go and have a taco time and movie day with Grandpa and Grandma Baron! That was awesome.

        Yet we had another solid week this week. Only one of us got sick this time hah Elder Arias must of ate something bad cause he took a good hurl the other day. X( But hes doing good now. For some odd reason its not getting to much hotter than its been for about a month. The weathers kinda at a boring stage right now. A little before the really hot and rainy season.

    Something amazingly awesome happened!!! So on Thursday we go to Higuey to meet with the other 4 missionaries in our district to have district meeting. And after we always go out to eat toegether. So last week after district meeting we went to La Serena to eat. La Serena (the mermaid) is one of the biggest supermarkets in the country, and they have a pretty legit food court. The foods all dominican food still, but its good. I got a some rice with some Jalepeño chicken with peppers ¡fantasico! Elder Arias got pasta that costed way too much. They cook the pasta on a pan right there in front of you and you have to back away when they make it cause the flame from the pan gets huge. Hey i think it was that pasta that made elder Arias blow chunks..   But anyway when we were there sitting in the food court there was a camera crew filming for Channel 10. Channel 10 is one of the main national channels like abc or nbc in the USofA. They were advertizing La Serena and telling about it and what they have. At first the camera crew was at the other end of the room but then they came right by us to advertize the pizzaria that was behind us. We were sitting right there watching behind the camera and suddenly the camera turned and look right at us and the guy with the mic came over and started talking to us!! He talked to each one of us asking us our names and where we were from. We took up a good 15 minutes of airtime!! hah After we left La Serena people kept yelling at us saying "hey los mormones, i saw you guys on TV" haha  Yeah we went national! We totally threw down for the church advertizing it! hah

     Last week we did something really cool and i forgot to tell you guys about it. We got to visit the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel!!! Holy amazing! Its humunges! {humongous} We went up there to get a package for Elder Arias, a friend of his sister got a free trip to the DR so Arias´s family send the kid with the package. Theres no buses that go over to the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel you have to take a taxi, so we just gave Marcos a call and he took us up. He was really happy that we called him cause hes never even been there. When we got there it was hard to just get in the front gate. The security is way strict there. They dont let just anyone and their dog get in, but we called the kid that was staying there and we got in. WOWSERS when you walk in the front door of the hotel its the waiting room and its soo cool! The roof is made out of `Cana´, i think its like palm tree leaves or something. But its way cool looking. On the walls the have a bunch of signed guitars and outfits that famous people have used and donated to hard rock cafe. We waited in that room for a while waiting for the kid with the package, Marcos was loving it just hanging out of the confy couches drinking all the free juice! hah The kid with the package never came so we got a speacial escort to his room, or should i say a speacial tour of the Hotel, we went all the way around it. We got the see the pool, the concert area, all the fancy resterants, and the big mini golf course! We even went in the room of the kid that had the package. The room was one of the way nice rooms, it had a way legit view, a jacoosy bathtube {jacuzzi bathtub} in the middle of the room, a fridge full of pop and cheese cake! hah ya it deffiently won me.

           Okay yes i swear we do missionary work too hah you guys probably always think all we do is have fun, Not that missionary works not fun. its the best part hah We really had so much help from the lord in these past weeks, with finding and preparing people. Ana is so ready for baptizm! Shes been coming to church everyweek, she loved the confrence too. Were praying everything works out for the 27th for her baptizmal date! Shes got friends in church and weve taught her everything so I think everything will be fine! Also Marcos´s son, David is on for the 27th too. He and his younger brother came over today in the morning and swam in our pool hah Theyre such crazy kids. Ohh man so on saturday David came over to our house at lunch time with his mini motorcycle and let us take it around the block! That little thing flys! At one point David, Elder Arias and me all got on at the same time! hah

        Welp tomorrow were going to the Temple! We havent been forever! Me and Arias are going to go to Higuey right now to sleep there cause we have to be at the temple at 9:30am, that means we´d have to leave from Bávaro at 4:30am... So from Higuey its shorter so we dont have to get up so early. The buses from our area arent always reliable either hah sometimes they come sometimes not! So we gotta get going!

         Love you guys all and thanks for all you do!
Elder Cowley

1. Mini motor ridin!!

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