April 11, 2013

Letter + Photos from April 9th 2013

Hey guys!
              Whats going all y´all?!

              Wow family, Cancoon?? nice! Yes the weather has gotta be about the same hottness there as it is here in the O´ so wonderful DomRep! mom have you used your spanish much? hah

         Wasnt confrence just great? I always love this time of year for that. We were lucky and we were able to see all the sessions. On saturday we cant go to the sessions unless we take an investigater. And we found out that here in our area our branch no one was gonna be able to come so they werent going to even set it up in the church of saturday! So we would have to travel to Higuey, with the other missionaries area, to be able to watch it. :( But we didnt loose hope! We called Marcos and invited him and his wife(who isnt a member) to the confrenece and they came! It was really convinient cause Marcos goes to school in Higuey satudays and at 3:00 his math teacher didnt show up so he and his wife were able see the whole 4 oclock session. Me and the other american missionaries hooked up the other T.V. in another room to watch it in english! Woot!  After the last saturday session we headed back to Bávaro. We got back in time for the preistood session but it didnt work from the internet some reason.  So we just visited a few inactive members that night to remind them of the confrence instead hah  In the morning session it was packed! Most the members came and the few inactives we visited the night before! Also one of our investigaters Ana came! I dont remember if i told you about her yet. Shes awesome tho. Shes like 70 and she lives here with a few of her hijos(kids) and her nietos(grandkids). We just put a baptizmal date with her last week for the 27th of this month and so shes coming to church everyweek to be able to feel completely ready to make her choice! We have alot of time teaching her, since before i got here. So shes been taught all the lessions, we just are going over the last few commandments and she´ll be completely ready for the 27th! Weve also put a baptizmal date with Marcos´s son David for the 27th too!! Wahoo!! He wants to get baptized alot. He always asks when he can get baptized hah 

      Finally we finished our week full of traveling! Thats got to be the toughest part about being so far away in this area is having to travel so much! Yesterday we had interviews at 9 in the morning. Thats why were writing today. we had to get up super early to get there on time. Its was a pretty long meeting, President talked first and shared a bunch of cool stuff that he learned from the confrence. Then after His wife, as always reviewed "safety and emergency", wow that could be slower! hah Ive heard it like 7 times in the mission now. Yes i do know how to perform CPR! hah but she always goes over it casue its good for the new missionaries and so we dont forget.. i guess. In interviews with president, Elder Arias asked if we could have cars and president said, no, but the missionaries here before actually used to have cars, and he said that they got in to many accedents tho hah dumb missionaries before didnt know how to drive and know were suffering the consecuences!  then Arias asked if we could have bikes and he said....... .... ..... "no"!! booooooo! He said he asked permission from the area 70 and its that the roads are too dangerous here!! Theyve band bikes from most the missions in the world like the DR cause of that.

          On tuesday we visited some members and they taught us how to make the famous Dominican "Habechuelas con Dulce" Beans of sweet?, Sweet beans?, beans with sugar? im not sure what youd call it in english! hah Its the dominican tradition here during this time. So we had the members teach us how to make it so I can make it for you guys after the mission. Its the weridest but best thing ever. Youd never think of putting sugar in beans  and then making it a juice. I was asking them who the crazy man was that invented it!?  No one knows hah They say that its what there grandmas always have made. As far as normal work this week we havent had much time because of all the traveling and confrences. So there wasnt a whole lot that happened this week. Me and Elder Arias are just kickin it, having a good time. A little bumbed about the news that were now officially not getting bikes. Just means more walking yay.

Hey elder Arias says thanks so much for sending the shoes! They fit great and he says theyre way comfortable. And thanks for the easter package! So much good food!!! Oh and i think the ward or stake sent me a easter package too. Full of sweet treats too! Thanks for everything!!! ¡¡Les quiero muchisimo!!

Elder Cowley

Some pics.
1.me and elder arias getting ready to give out 15 DVDs!
2. Elder arias and the 2 Cowleys
3. MTN DEW!!! i found it!!!!

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