April 2, 2013

Letter from April 1, 2013

Hey yeah!
¿Como estaaaaaaan?? Whats up my family and friends? Im doing great. No im not sick any more and yes i have my voice back! hah that was such a pain. Elder Arias is doing fine now too. Just on Friday we didnt leave the house cause he had the same thing that i had! He was so glad I shared. He couldnt talk either, but just for one day, mine lasted for like 3! On thursday we walked really really really far into our area and on our way home it started raining, so we had a swell walk in the rain that night. Im pretty sure that didnt help Arias with his sickness hah. We're smart.

Even tho it rained alot and we had a kinda slower week this week it still went really fast... That doesnt happen often. A slow week going by fast.. hmm I dont know if i told you guys last time or not but were trying to get creative with the branch and trying to get the members more involved in the mission work. So we made these sweet reference sheets and were passing them out to all the members. Suprisingly it has worked great! Yesterday we left to visit with a member up in Bávaro. Shes such a cool member. Her names Liss. She and her husband are from Venezuela! She's the sunday school teacher, she does a way good job too. Her husband races motocross! I didnt even know that exsisted here and in venezuela haha.

Anyway yesterday we visited two references with her, she works in one of the biggest nicest hotels here in the whole country, so she works with a bunch of really rich people. So she talked to one of the main people in charge of the hotel to see if we could pass by and talk to him and his family and he said yes! Yesterday we visited them. Theyre a couple from Mexico that help run the hotel, they just got married not to long ago and have a little 1 year old baby. That little dude just learned how to walk and open doors two weeks ago they said, so he was all over the place! Before we started into the lession, we were just getting to know them and turns out that the guy plays guitar! So he whipped out his guitar and let me play a bit. He plays and sings shows in a band at the hotel that he works at. They do a bunch of oldies rock covers. So i played stairway to heaven and he sang hah Liss likes that music too so she was singing along too haha it was awesome!

 After them, we went and visited another reference, we got to ride in Liss´s way nice car, you never realize how nice cars are until youve been on a dominican bus! hah So that was a treat to not have to take the bus. But this next family that we visited was so rich! They live here in Pueblo Bávaro, their an older couple and have the coolest/weirdest house. The wife designed it and the husband built it! Its like a dream. It has so many modern parts. They have a way legit hidden pool in trees and floating stairs! I dont know how to describe them hah. But they are just good friends of Liss and her husband. Even tho the guy is hindu he was really open to the message that we shared. They live on the same street as the church so theyre gonna come soon. They just travel a lot to their other house that they have in the south, so its gonna be hard for them to come to church. But Liss has a bunch of friends that she wants to visit with us so were super pumped!

La Semana Santa was not too bad here in good ole pueblo bávaro, well i guess in veron( the other area we work in) was getting a little crazy. We tryed not to be there at night time cause of it. Nothing like last year happened here tho hah. Remember last year i was in the Capital and we had that stupid store in front of our house with the big speakers, and the people partied all week long with music blasting untill like 4 in the morning!! hah Well I guess there was a bunch of people in front of our house having a pool party.

Were getting ready for GEN CON this week end! Its this week end right? wow its my last gen con in the mish! We have another contact activity this week. President hernandez is giving all the missionaries 15 DVDs of a church video were not sure which one yet. But were gonna do a day of contacts and were gonna give out the DVDs and invite people to confrence. Its always fun to do something a little different like this.

Hey guess what we finally are going to the temple again! Its been like 8 months since the last time we went. Were going on the 16th. Wow i just realized how much were going to have to travel in the next two weeks. We went to play soccer today in San Pedro, that was about a 3 hour drive one way, then were going there again this thursday and then next week on tuesday and then the capital the next week! Ahhh my butt hurts just from traveling today!

Hey well sorry it was a little short today, we just got back from San Pedro and we have a lession in 10 with Marcos and his sons so we gotta get going! Its hard to find time to email in this area because we always are traveling so much on P-day!

THanks for all you guys do! Love you all!!!
Elder Cowley

Heres some pictures!
1. Marcos and his 4 sons!
2. Cindy! this dog is so awesome!

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