March 26, 2013

Letter from March 25th, 2013

Hola familias,
¡Como están todos? Espero que estén bien! Porque yo sí, estoy bien, nada mala pasa aqui en el bonito Bávaro hah (mom you should understand that, its pretty simple hah)

Hey guess what?
I hit 20 months in two days!!! Months are going by wayyyyyy toooo fast, its ridiculous! And now I only have 4 left!:(( ya pretty crazy.

This week was a pretty solid week. Me and Elder Arias are getting along great! Were already making plans to visit each other after the mission. It really makes life a whole lot easier when your companion knows how to teach and can help out in the lessions. I got so used to training and having to help out my trainies that now its totally laid back! hah ....ok not completely cause now were working harder than ever. With Marcos now a member weve been passing by to help him with his calling and helping him understand more. The other night me and elder arias bought a pizza at this way legit new pizzaria in our area, they have a special right now cause they just opened. We got 2 mediems and a large coca cola for 560 pesos! thats like 12 bucks! On our way to Marcos´s house we were hoping that there wasnt alot of people there so we could eat the 2 pizzas between us 3.. but ya that totally jinxed us!! We got there and Marcos said "hey! come in ive got my kids here for the week!" Not just his kids but a few neighbors too hah. Ya we just got one piece each... booo. But no, it was good cause those neighbors that ate some of our pizza, we told them that they now had to come to church. We said it just joking but they actually came!! hah Were gonna buy pizza for all our investigators now so they come to church! Even all of marcos´s kids came too. He has 4 boys and 2 girls, the 2 girls werent there but the 4 dudes came. Were gonna start teaching them soon! Marcos is such a pimp, he gives us so many references! He invites everyone to church.

Me and Elder Arias had an adventure on saturday! In the morning at 10 we caught a bus to go to an area by the hotel resorts in Bávaro to a area called Friusa. Theres actually alot of people that live there. Its a big area, they could even put two missionaries there. But anyway on our way the dumb bus choffer totally lied to us and said they were headed to Friusa but they went right into Bávaro! After a while we realized where we werent, and got right off the bus. We got off at a huge hotel plaza thing, so we decided to go in and check it out while we were there. Its a way way nice mini mall like thing. They have a bunch of american shops like Adidas and quiksilver. Everything is like 2 times as much here for some reason! So we just looked around for a while and we actually did a few contacts there too! Almost everyone was american, i dont like talking in english(cause my english is horrible!) so we didnt contact them hah So on our way home we walked out to the main street to wait for the bus, while we were waiting we reached in our pockets and found out that we forgot to bring enough money to get back!!! But for some reason we werent even worried. The bus came flying around the corner and we flagged it down and got on anyway. To be in the mission its amazing to see how much the Lords got your back! We got on and there was two of our investigators on it!! So they spotted us some money for the ride home!!!! We were so lucky!!!! haha

Ive really seen so many miracles in this short time ive been here in this area! We have another investigator named Antonio, hes marcos´s neighbor, another awesome guy! weve been talking to him for about a month now. Hes come to church 2 times now and hes the one that i told you about, that he said he feels like hes floating when hes in the church! He loves church so much, now hes inviting all his kids and family. He already wants to get baptized but he needs to get married first. :( Theyre a pretty poor family, and his wifes kinda werid. Shes like 20 years older than him hah. Weve never actually talked much with his wife cause she works alot but he said hes gonna invite her to church. So we´ll see what happens!

Hey wanna hear something funny, i lost my voice! yeah i cant talk at all! I think i have like a cold, but its a werid cold. I dont have a runny nose or coughs, just my throat is really dry and i cant talk at all. If i try i sound like a zombie! Elder Arias has had to talk for me for the past few days. Hes such a bum, He tells everyone i lost my voice cause ive been singing in the shower too much haha. Elder Arias is kinda sick too, He thinks he has an amiba. We're gonna go to the clinic tomorrow so he can do the poop test! I think hes feeling better now tho.. Oh something really funny happened! On tuesday elder arias was taking a afternoon power nap after lunch and so he was in his bed, and our beds have mosquito nets over them, but he was asleep and the mosquitos ganged up and pushed the net up to his feet and went to town on his feet! When he woke up he shouted my name, "hey come look!". i walked in the rooom and there was like 30 mosquitos flying around! hah he hasnt said anything about his feet much so i guess it didnt hurt him too much. But that was the first time ive seen mosquitos army up and push in a mosquito net!!! Crazy stuff!!

Transfer calls were last night, of course were staying the same! Wahoo! Were really excited. But its possible that after this transfer I'm off to a new area. Im hoping not cause Im loving it here!
Welp wish me luck this week, Its "semana santa" (holy week)! Noooooo!! Too many parties in the street and everyone is out of town! Its a tough week for missionaries here but whateve we keep working anyway!

I didn take any pictures this week so ill send some next week!

Thanks for all your support guys! I love reading each and every one of your emails! Sorry i never have time to write you all back! I read every email tho!

Love yall!! Elder Cowley

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