March 19, 2013

Letter + Photos from March 18th, 2013

HEy guys!

Hows everything goingª! Hope all is going well. Mom it seems like your learning spanish pretty good. Nice! Hows the snow going? is it all gone yet?

YEah so Marcos got baptized on saturday!! It was such an awesome moment. The day was a little long because in the morning we went to the church to clean a bit and then we got out the blow up pool to fill it up so we could do the meeting and baptizm at the church. Turns out the pool was a bit dirty so first off we spend a while just cleaning it. After that we took it up to the roof and it took about another 30 minutes to figure that stupid thing out! So we filled the tube part of air, and then threw the hose in and then started the waiting game... wow. It took all day and until about 5pm it was about ankle deep, and the baptizm started at 6 so we just gave up. hah Such a waste. I hate that dumb pool haha So we just had the baptizmal meeting in the church and then after we went over to our famous house pool. Marcos asked me to baptize him so i was super happy about that. I got to baptize his mom and now i had the opportunity to baptize him! Bien contento. The water was freezing tho! hah i dont know how the people even enjoy that pool! Marcos´s face was just glowing with the biggest smile after he got baptized. Then yesterday in church he was confirmed and it was his first week as an actually registered member and he already has a calling! Hes over the "well being of the members" or something, i dont know what it is in english, i think its a new thing. no clue hah But he was excited to already have a responsibility.

Weve been hanging out alot with Marcos lately. Today we went to Bávaro with him and the missionaries from Higuey. We went to the beach! After playing a little futbol of course hah. But the beach that we went to was so much cooler than the last one we went to. When we got there we drove right up on the sand like at bear lake hah. It was really cool there cause right on the shore they have a bunch of little shops, but like right on the shore! the water basically reaches the shops entrance and theres no entrance on the other side so we had to go down on the shore. My comp slipped and fell in the water hah just up to his ankles tho so not completely, but his shoes got soaking. There was alot of people at this beach. Some members that were there came up to talk to us and were like "what are you guys doing at the beach?" hah. We got some pretty sweet pictures there tho, ill send a few.
Presidente Hyrum, the branch president, asked me and Elder Arias to talk on sunday. He asked us to talk about missionary work. We explained the importance of it and why they should give us referales... haha. No the members here are awesome they give us a bunch. But now in the mission they want the missionaries to teach the members how to share the gospel. We have a goal in the mission to teach 5 members each week. Usually we do it before we are going to visit an investigator with them. But we try and find a member that had the same doubts before they were a member as the investigator we are going to visit. And then we ask the member to share their experience how they got over their doubt or problem, and then we assign them a scripture to share. Im sure all this is something worldwide. Its cool tho, it helps the members to be a little more confident in sharing the gospel with everyone. They tell us were trying to get every member to be a missionary. Im not sure how important that is in Utah, cause theres so many members. Itll help out the missionaries a lot for sure. Hey is our new neighbor dude still talking to the missionaries and going to church?

My last comp Elder Guevara called and told me that 2 more people that we were teaching out there in Bayaguana got baptized! ahh I wanted to be there!!! So sad to teach someone completely and then not get to be there for the baptizm. That happens way too often in the mission :( but its all good. well alot more happened this week but were out of time. We have to walk clear to Verón right now... booooo! Ya we have 3 appointments and we have to walk super far. hah. Theirs rumers that were getting bikes soon. We´ll see!

Thanks for all you guys do!!!! love each and everyone one of you, parents, sisters, brotherinlaws, niece, nephews, grandpas, grandmas, and everyone else!

Peace out
Elder Cowley

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