March 11, 2013

Letter from today!

Buenas tardes!!

          HAPPY 311 DAY EVERYONE!!!!  Id like everyone just to remember, "Stay positive and love your life" it makes life a little easier.

                 Hows everything going?  i hear the snows peacin out! wahh so sad!  You guys can get burnt like me everyweek, yea, i think i got burnt yet again today. We went to Higuey with the other missionaries in our district to play soccer and i forgot sunscreen..        After we went to visit a massive catholic church thing, The vacilica, i dont know what that is in english hah. It reminded me of something off halo.

       So another jam packed week of missionary life. I dont remember if i told you guys but Elder Morales got changed to another area, he got transfered to an area in the capital, he was kinda havin a hard time, just a little too shy.  But President Hernandez is helping him out alot. On thursday we had a zone confrence in La Romana ( just google all these areas if your confused hah) and so i got a new companion. Elder Arias, He´s from Costa Rica!! the capital of costa rica. Hes awesome, were gonna have a fun time. We already have worked super hard and we only have 4 days together. Hes got about 15 months in the mission,  Deffinetly something ive learned in the mission is how to deal with different companions, even when sometimes you have a werid one.. hah. Just have to look for the good in everyone right?

   Got some really good great awesome fantastic news!!!!! MARCOS is gonna get baptized on saturday!!!! WOOT! Were soooo excited for him! He really is so ready for this step in his life. He shares more in class at church than most the members. The mission is so worth it when you meet people like this! Its amazing to hear and see how much marcos has changed, just in the ways he talks and acts. So cool. Were going to get teaching his son so in about a month Marcos will be able to baptize his own son.    On saturday the missionaries in Higuey had a baptizm so we went to it with marcos so he could see a baptizmal service before his baptizm.  Were really happy to see the branch progressing here in Bávaro, the last year here they only had 2 baptizms, so were started the new year off better. Now that i got a new companion i dont think I'll be staying here till the end of my mission, im sure I'll at least have 1 more area with in the next 141 days, 4 months and 19 days... not that im counting or anything.  It would be nice to have one more area in the captial tho, I've only had 1 captial area my whole mission! But its all good here with the nice house. You keep asking about the people hah. The people here are cool but they all work alot or they dont even live here. We dont work in the main resort areas cause its just people on vacation. So we're inland just about 10 minutes from all that stuff. But still we always see these adventure tour ride trucks with a bunch of americans when were walkin on the street. Its something really cool about this area is that we meet people from all over the world. I think I already told you but we have an investigator that is from Russia, and her husband is japanese! hah Her kid is so crazy! This little Japanese Russian dude. The first time we visited her she started talking russian to me cause she thought i looked Russian! hah And when we went in her house her kid was dancing to that stupid Gangnam song haha but she speaks russian, english, spanish, and german. I dont know why people like that always know a thousand lauganges, and they learn them fast too. Her kid has 2 months learning spanish and he talks perfect spanish, fast too!

  So the branch had there first temple trip since like 2 years ago! So in church on sunday all the members that went shared there experience. A bunch of the members never have gone before so it was really sweet to hear everyones testimony and them describing how strong they all felt the spirit. During the meeting Marcos was sitting next to me and he leaned over and said, "When can I go to the temple?" hah! So rad! We had a few other investigators that came for the first time to church and theres no way they didnt feel the spirit. We visited one of the investigators that afternoon, named Antonio, and we asked him how church was for the first time,  he couldnt stop explaining how good he felt and how happy he was after the meeting. He said "I felt something in my heart that ive never felt in my life before" !! Awesome. Hes Marcos´s neighbor so he´s excited to come to Marcos´s baptizm and to church next week too. Way cool sunday this week.  

Welp have a good 311 day y´all!! love you!!!
Elder Cowley

1. Church.. meet el libro de mormón 1NE13:26 hah
2. Great and  ___________ ...
3. Baptizm in Higuey, Marcos is the dude in yellow.

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