March 4, 2013

Letter from Today

Hey people!
¡¿Como está mi gente?!
Checkin in from paradise again, all is well. Yes the scotcheroos made it perfectly fine in the package! They looked like they were right out of the oven! hah. Im finally turning white from red again! The snows already melting you say? ahh so sad. ha ha well its only getting hotter here too the big change from 75 degrees to 85 degrees woof, its tough out here. Things are going great here, im finally getting to know most of the active members. Its a little hard to meet them and visit them because they all work way too much! And they all live in different parts of Bávaro. I pretty much know my way around the areas, well i guess theres still a few that we havent even been to yet, so almost everything.

Saturday the branch had a baptizm, its a little 8 year old dude named Windry. We dont have a ward mission leader yet so we were still pretty much in charge of it. Of course like always it was planned at 6pm and no one show up until about 7:30 hah running on dominican time. We were going to do the baptizm in a blow up pool on the roof of the church, but me and elder morales couldnt figure out how to fill the pool with air! So we ended up just going to the pool in front of our house to do the baptizm. We had the meeting in the church first then after went over to the pool. By that time it was dark but that only made it cooler. Windry took about 15 minutes to get in the water cause he was scared that it was too deep! hah Elder Morales baptized Windry for his first baptizm of the mish! Woop!

Yesterday was a really good meeting in church, Fast sunday. People were jumping up like popcorn. Even tho there wasnt many people, about 30, we still went over time! The people here have such strong testimonies its awesome. Our investigator Marcos gave his testimony for the 2nd time! He said in his testimony that hes sick of being a investigator and that he wants to be a member already!! Were starting to teach his son too. We talked to marcos last night, and really this guy has the biggest desire to learn about the gospel. He already knows alot just from the few months hes been talking to us. Hes definitely gonna be the next branch president.

To answer a few of your questions,
No, i still am not wearing sunscreen..
No, we havent been able to talk to the reference from Bro. Lambert. its a little hard to get contact with people here cause they are all always WORKING!! And yes thats why this areas a bit different from other areas, people come and live out here pretty much just to work in the resorts and hotels.
Yes we had more visitors yesterday in church, it was a couple about your guys age from south ogden. ya i forgot their names, im horrible with names!

For p day today guess where we went?? Yup! to the beach!! To part called Cabeza de torro. We have a investigator here in our area that works up there and he sales souvenirs(?) and these cool paintings. So we went up to visit him and to buy a few things, and he told us that the ocean was right around the corner so he took us. It wasnt a real nice beach we went to cause it was just some random fishing area hah but it was still super sweet. The water looked real nice and clear! There were a few tourist shops along the beach, it reminded me of mexico with the guys trying to sell stuff but theyre definitely not as agressive here as they are in mexico! hah On our way home we stopped but the local wendys in punta cana! Frosty´s are so good here, either they are better and they make them different here or they just taste real good from not having one for a year and a half! Oh and then theres a new mall starting up in between two of our areas, it doesnt have shops yet but theres a bunch of cool metal art things! Theres one of a huge Harley!! i thought dad would like it! I got a pretty sweet pic!

Welp thats all folks. talk to ya next week!

 Love ya, Elder Cowley

1. Baptizm, Windry didnt want to get in! hah
2. Celebrating 19 months in the mission with ice cream!
3. Da beach maán!
4. Harley Davidson Tipo Grande!

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