February 26, 2013

Letter from February 25th, 2013


We live in paradise huh? i told you! hah Things are going swell here well except that i got burnt today again, my face couldnt be more red! Theres something called sunscreen i think? ya i forget about it everytime. YEah the house is definitely the nicest house ive been in in the mission. Im pretty sure its one of the nicest in the mission! Most the people are living there temperarly, at least in our complex but Weve seen that theres a few people on vacation staying in the other hotels. Theres like 10 complexs here in Pueblo Bávaro. hey! Tell Grandpa that its cool if he comes and stays with us, we´ll make him a mission name plack and all just like the members in Bayaguana hah thats so funny he wants to come.

Yeah this week in church we didnt have a bus load of visiters, but there was a couple from Utah, of course. The husband served a mission in Chili so he knows spanish so he translated for his wife. oh and there was a lady from california, she knew spanish too. She played the piano for us too. Normally we dont have the piano in sacrament cause no one here knows how to play, but weve been lucky the past two weeks weve had visiters that know! Its always a little funny without the piano cause almost everyone here is tone deaf hah

So the biggest "coincidence" happened this week!! Ok so i havent told you about our investigator Marcos, Marcos is such a chill dude, he lives in a little pueblo like 5 minutes from where we live called Barrio Nuevo,("New neighborhood", i think they just put that name for a neighborhood when they havent thought of a name yet cause theres so many Barrio Nuevos in the country hah) but anyway hes been coming to church for like 3 months now. he came the first time the missionaries invited him and hasnt missed once. His got two sons that have came with him for the first time last week and this week. But Marcos is just one of those people that you find and theyre way too ready, hes basically a member he just hasnt gone swimming yet.. Hes definitely "ORO" as we say here. He wants to get baptized but we just need to teach a few more things. But the other day we were visiting with him and i was telling him what areas ive been in so far in the mission. And i told him i was in Sabana Perdida(my 2nd area) and hes like " hey my mom lives there" i was like "oh sweet, whats her name?" and he said "Amalia". And i said "Oh i baptized a lady named Amalia...." So he started describing her and turns out that its the same Amalia! so i said "I TAUGHT AND BAPTIZED YOUR MOM!!!" He couldnt believe it!! He didnt even know that she was a member yet!! He got the biggest smile and was so happy that he was almost crying. Sabana Perdida is like 5 hours from here and i just "coincidencially" came here to teach Amalias son and see him get baptized. Now that i think back, Amalia always talked about her son that lived in Bávaro hah. So cool how the Lord works. Amalia will be so happy that her sons gonna get baptized, Marcos is so close to baptizm its not even funny. I printed and gave him a few pictures of her baptizm, He loved it.

Things started out a little slow at first in this area but things are getting alot better, were finding a bunch of new people to visit. Just in the past week weve had a bunch of people stop us in the street and ask about the church. Two of them want book of mormons so were gonna pass by their houses to explain it, they were excited. One dude was from the crazy penticost evangelic churchs and was like, "your guys church sounds alot like my church but you guys seem to understand the bible a little better" hahah and i was thinking in my mind ...well, we dont jump up and down and scream and have a rock back in church... but ya almost the same. hah There was another guy asking about every little thing that we believe, I'd never felt so confident about someone asking me so many questions. He kind of had an attitude when he started talking to us acting like he was gonna prove us wrong or something but after all his questions he wanted us to pass by his house hah. KABAM!

So one of the members that came to church last week with the big group of 60 people called us last week and said that hes been teaching a kid over in the hotel where he was staying. He said that the kid was really interested so he taught him all the lessions and he wanted a book of mormon from us and he wants us to keep visiting the kid. Such a legit member, he took time out of his own vacation to teach a kid about the church. He said that he even invited the kid to get baptized and to serve a mission and he said yes! The member that taught him is Brother Lambert, dont remember his first name, I think hes from kaysville or somewhere around there. Pretty sweet tho, were gonna go visit this kid on thursday, were pumped.

Hope you guys have a good week. enjoy the snow for me, cause i sure am not enjoying any! LOVE Ya all Elder Cowley:

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