May 14, 2013

Letter from May 13th, 2013

Hola familia! Whats up guys!

SKYPE!......well i have mixed feelings about skype now.. Lets just say that if skype was my next door neighbor i wouldnt lend him anything hah. No it was sweet to see you guys and all, but just a little pain to not be able to understand great what you were saying there at the end. Me and Elder Arias were way confused tho cause right when he got on with his family after me it worked perfectly! boo. Even the phone was retarded too, i talked a good 15 minutes with eli and it was fine but right when christy picked up the phone it didnt work! way werid. oh well not a big deal cause ill see you guys in person in 11 weeks!!! wooot!  

Thats crazy that its already super hot there, well i guess were already in may. Ive completely forgetten about seasons cause of the same ever so same weather here in the DR! well its suppose to start raining alot here for the next little while. Like I said before the DR´s got 2 seasons, Rain and no rain hah. On friday it started raining crazy at 3pm right when we leave the house but we didnt let it stop us! We took advantage of the cold rain cause were so sick of always being hot and sweating! hah
We had a pretty full week this past week, Weve been preparing James and JeanEder for their baptizm!!! We had the interview on saturday and they know everything great. Theyre such cool dudes, they have the biggest desire to learn about the gospel. They just sit and listen and understand everything. Something that is always nice to see from investigaters. Most people just sit.. they have a little trouble listening and understanding hah. We were talking in district meeting last thursday and came to the conclusion that if everyone understood the message of the restoration they would all get baptized! Whenever people have questions or doubts its from not understanding the message completely. But anyway james and jeaneder are gonna get baptized this saturday and were hoping to get them both a calling quick too.

Its a quicky today cause we already did skype yesterday. We also went to La Romana (about 2 hours away) to our zone activity and we got back a little late. Hey guess what we did? guess?? yup, Futbol. It was way sick! I totally made the first goal of the game from far out and it went in right over the goalies hands!

Thanks for being such a cool family. Im glad I got you guys! My friends too, you guys are pretty cool.

Love Y´ALL!

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