May 21, 2013

Letter + Photos from May 20th, 2013

Hey guys!
Hows life going! wow schools already over for the kids! Thats crazy to think about. HAh brads washing windows?? thats awesome. I forgot i did that for a while before i left on the mish! Rad.
 Thats a nice its getting rainy cause its just the same here. Its been quite odd lately, its only been raining in the middle of the night. Wanna hear how i know? so we always sleep with windows open and well a few nights ago i woke up and my bed and face were soaked! hah No clue how i didnt wake up from it. Kinda creepy, its not possible to drown while your sleeping right..? hah

James and JeanEder got baptized!!! WHAAAATZZZUP!!!! It was so awesome! Everything went perfect as planned! Quite a bit of members came to support too so that helped alot. We actually had enough people that not ´everyone´ had to do something in the baptizmal program. hah After doing the program in the church we went over to the world famous pool. I got to baptizm JeanEder and Elder Arias baptized James. YEah saying Jean´s last name was pretty fun in the bap prayer "DieuJuste". Its pronouned nothing like you´d think. hah it sounds something like "yeuwshúshte..." fun huh? It went great tho. I totally had speaking of tounges for a sec and i said his last name perfect. 
After the baptizm we went with Jean and james and ate pizza! Such an awesome day! Those are days that i could live again and again.. and again. Yesterday in church they were both confirmed and they gave there testimonies in sacrement meeting too! Jean shared his experience how he found out that the church was true. WOW. I´ll have to tell you guys sometime. i think its one of the coolest stories ive heard. People here are lucky cause God answers them in dreams and visions quite often.

Oh also yesterday in church Marcos passed the sacrament for his first time! Its was one of the best days of church yesterday to have jean and james confirmed, Marcos passing the sacerment and Ana mingling with all the members. All of our 4 recent converts in the church being faithful members already serving and helping the church. True happiness right there.

We were so blessed this week. We found a family that is totally GOLDEN! We learned a little more how sacrifice brings blessings. Friday morning we left a little late from the house because we had some guys fixing a few things in the house so we had to wait for a while. We left at like 11:30am and we had to go all the way to Veron to visit this family. At the time we didnt know how legit they actually were yet. On wednesday we contacted one of the kids and put a return visit for friday at 11am. As we left at 11:30 friday we almost made plans not to go because we were already a little late and it was really really hot. hah But we just felt that we needed to go and visit the appointment that we had planned. When we got there the Dad answered the door with a big smile and said "come in come in!" We talked to him and his 3 kids just getting to know them and they all had a bunch of questions and were way open to everything we taught. They actually are a really religious family, they visit the church of God of prophesy, some evanglic church. The share alot of the same beliefs that we do. They were all really interested in learning more about our church and visiting it too. So yeah, for walking all the way to veron in the scortching afternoon sun we were blessed with an awesome family to teach and help learn about the true gospel!! woot!

Were doing great here in this area. The church is progressing and the members know it so it makes them just want to help more with the missionary work. Weve got a few activities planned for this week to get everyone a little more excited. This branch is too cool for school. Its sad to think that times going by so fast. Im loving it! wait, can i say that? or is that copyright from mcdonalds? oh well!

Love you guys!!!
Elder Cowley
Baptizm pics!
1. James and JeanEder!
2. the whole group
3. Gettin in!
4.Elder Arias baptizing james.
5. Pizza!


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