May 28, 2013

Letter + Photos from May 27th, 2013


Whats up with y´all!!? How was the good ol´ cabin. Cabin trips are always fun. You always gotta go on the famous bike trail hah. Thanks for writin me Hayshmay! Your end of school field day sounded way cool. Those dunk pool thing are always way funny, well if your not the one being dunked! I dont think my field days in school were ever that cool! boo. And to answer your question, no im not a big fan of stuffing. haha

Well if your wondering how the mission is going, im sure you already know. I always say good. So try to act suprized when i say the mission is going good! hah Weve started a new counting game, we count how many times we walk from were we live, Pueblo Bávaro, to where we work, Verón. Yeah just in last week we walked 11 times there are back! Just so you got an idea. Im gonna use the step counter that you gave me to figure out how much were really walk. I guess its just what we should expect, we totally signed up for it sending those papers in to the Prophet! We´ve continued contacting people on our way to Veron everyday, we catch up to the people walking in front of us to talk to them. Were still teaching a few that we found contacting like that about month ago. So it actually is working.

Me and Elder Arias have decided that the Lord knows that we both have alot of time in the mission and we are more educated as far as the teaching the gospel so he is giving us harder people to teach! hah In no other time in my mission ive ever had such tough people to teach. We have awesome investigators but most of them are really really bible smart. So me and Elder Arias take it as a little humiliation from God so we keep studing harder. I think many missionaries get toward the end of there mission and they think they know everything so they stop studying as much as they did at the first of the mission, but its just like what happens to someone if they havent been to church for a month or two. You start going downhill and you realize that your not as good as you used to be! hah well something like that. Not that me and Arias arent studying hah we just have to study even more now with all these intelligent people were teaching!

On thursday we had a meeting in La Romana, about 2 hours away, with the whole zone. It was pretty solid, they talked about the importance of talking to everyone and doing all our daily contacts. They said something really cool, somthing like "if we dont talk to everyone in the street about the restored gospel, who will?" We also got some new rules in the meeting to hah get this new rule. We cant drink energy drinks, like monster and red bull and 5hour energy. And if you get caught doing it you have to have an interview with President and its possible that you will get sent home! hahaha I find that really funny. I guess theres some missionaries that are drinking too much of that crap. I dont even drink pop that much anymore. Not that i ever did.. Juice is so much better! Anyway, after the meeting we went to ¡SushiYa! We ate sushi! Other than the hour wait, It was way good. I got a shrimp sushi roll plate. I wasnt so sure how sushi made by a Dominican would turn out. I was expecting that it would just come full of rice, beans, and chicken! hah The last time i ate sushi was that one time in St. George like 4 years ago! member?..

Yesterday was mothers day here in the DR so there wasnt many people in church cause everyones off visiting there mothers. Good ol mothers. We did another contact activity. We handed out 10 Liahonas from March of this year. We contacted alot here in Pueblo Bávaro and it must of been the holiday spirit cause everyone was so much nicer yesterday. Normally no one wants to talk with us here in Pueblo Bávaro, but yesterday we found some cool people that let us in. ohhh yea!
Hey family guess what, Your are going to recive 9 more emails from me before i get home. Dont get to excited. haha

 Love you guys!!! Elder Cowley
Pix hope ya like
1.Me and our beloved friend GUSTAV! Altho inactive hes an awesome member! Dumb work.
2. Sunset pic with me and "the glove" awhh
3. I love Barrio Nuevo.. yes that is a pigeon in the corner

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