June 4, 2013

Letter + Photos from June 3, 2013

Weeeeyhooo familia y amigos!

Shout out to all who had a birthday!! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS PAPÁ, ABUELA, Y RYLEY!!! Love you guys and im glad to share the same time of birth as you guys! Yeah imma be 21 wow.. I dont know what i should think. As soon as i start feeling old, I look around and everyone else is older too so its all good! hah Im not sure yet how were gonna celebrate. Elder Arias wants to go to the Hard Rock Café restaurant for lunch. Its just a 30 peso bus away so not too bad of an idea! I guess well have to go on saturday or monday cause the 9th is sunday!

I got the birthday gift you sent with Colleens friends that came for the service project. The service project was awesome! For those who dont know, So we had a very convinient coincidence. Some of Colleen merkleys friends have a son who was doing a service project for his eagle scout. They decided to come to the Dominican Rebulic to make a donation to a school of a bunch of school supplies. So somehow they found out that I was here in the DR from talking to colleen and so they sent me an email to see if i would be anywhere close to where they were going to be able to help. Sure enough they came and stayed in the hotels in Bávaro, and im lucky enough im one of the missionaries out in this area! Out of all 250 missionaries it just happens to be me here in the area that they came to! hah So on sunday they called me and we set the plans to find a school for them to give the donations to. Me and Elder Arias are actually teaching a school teacher named Margarita. Funny name huh? And so we called her and found out that the school that shes in actually really needed alot of help. They dont have alot supplies for the kids and they dont have space for the kids to have recess and they ran out of money to keep building the basketball court next to the school. So on Friday morning we met up with the families, Petersons i think was there name, and we went to the school with the big bag of 60 pounds of school supplies! All the teachers came out of class with all there students and we gave them the stuff and took some pictures. All the kids were way excited and jumping and screaming hah. The petersons actually donated some money too to help them finish the basket ball court so that that kids have space to play for recess. It was such a cool experience to be able to help, after i definitely had a head ache tho cause i had to be the translater for everyone! hah way rad.

We didnt have one of the best weeks this week as far as missionary work. Every missionary has the low average weeks sometimes and it was our turn last week. Elder Arias got a little sick on thursday, we found out that its actually related to his back, he has some back problems that he had before the mission. He gets alot of headaches and stomache aches, so we think its all related to his back. I think were gonna have to travel to the capital to do some check ups. Also we got some sad news, our recent convert Ana moved back to her north town where shes from yesterday. Boo! She was our Grandma away from home! We werent able to talk to Felipe and his family this week, he was really busy with his job. We did leave him a Book of mormon for him to read and i think tommorow were gonna pass by. Also today i had a little cRaSh Ka pOW!! The missionaries from Higuey came here to our area today to come play ball. While we were waiting we were just messing around in the house and so Elder Arias has one of those big blue exercise balls and we were running and bouncing off the ball from each other. It was a horrible idea and im still not sure what we were expecting from it. But i grabbed the ball and ran towards Elder Guerrero and i jumped up and he jumped up and we crashed the ball inbetween us and i went flying and flipping and came to a stop landing straight on my head... XD! Mom dont get scared it wasnt that bad i just blacked out for a few seconds and got a massive goose egg on my head.:) Pretty sure it was a concusion... So we had little random set backs this week but just like the hymn "come come ye saints" says, "Why should we mourn Or think our lot is hard? Tis not so, all is bright, Why we think to earn a great reward? If we now shun the fight gird up your loins, fresh courage take our god will never us forsake and soon we’ll have this tale to tell, all is well! all is well!" haha All is well!! 
So you asked about a thousand and two questions about the pictures i sent last week so im gonna answer all of them.

The glove in the picture as no special significents, its just a random glove that was placed there so we took a pic with it hah.

Im not sure if i told you about Gustav before, hes just a member, but he cant come to church much cause he works on sundays for now. Yes, pretty much everyone that has a roof to go up on uses it like a extra room and so they hang all there clothes up on the roof on lines to dry. If its a house that you cant walk on, they still just throw there wet clothes up on the roof just sitting there to dry hah. Tin roof houses are pretty much how alot of the houses are here. Well except for Pueblo bávaro, everyone here are rich poops.

Ahh i totally forgot about the step counter! ill try and remember for this week so you guys have an idea about how much we walk here in this area. And i dont think ill be ending my mission here, im actually fine with whatever for my last transfer if they send me to the capital or if i stay here. Elder Arias is from the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. And i have no clue what a kumquat fruit is?? I dont think they have those here. My favorite fruit here is Papaya! Me and elder Arias bought a massive papaya last week and weve been making milkshakes from it for the whole week and we still have like half of it left! Its the biggest papaya ive seen. hah

Welp me and elder arias have a appointment with Marcos in 10!! We gotta get going! I love you guys and thanks for the birthday wishes, present, and package when it comes! 
 Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Vacamente "cowley" spanish traslation Vaca=Cow, the sound ley= -mente
1. Pic of the school kids. I didnt get many pics but colleens friend took alot and is going to send you them.
2. the district.

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