February 12, 2013

Letter + Photos + a Transfer! Feb 11th, 2013


Hey everyone! whats up? chillin? im hoping the snows treatin you all good.. or has it melted already with the random utah weather hah 
Welp transfer call was yesterday i have a happy/sad feeling about it! Of course sad becasue im out of here!! BYE BYE Bayaguana. Ive loved this area so much, ive really never had as much success in an area as Bayaguana, We didnt have baptizms at least with me here cause elder guevara and his new comp that comes here are gonna have a bunch. We have 5 people lined up in 2 weeks. And its always tough to leave an area that youve been in for a long time cause ive made so many friends here:( But its all good, ill see them again right?? Now for the happy part of transfers! IM OFF TO BAVARO!!!!! Bavaro is as far as east we go here in the DR!! Its right on the very east coast of the country. We live in a pueblo like 2 minutes from the coast called pueblo de bavaro. Bavaro is one of the nicest resorts here and we live 5 minutes before it. Look up pictures. I heard that we have bikes?? im not sure about that, but we have to travel between a few areas. Hey get this, we have hot water! hah its the only house in the mission with hot water! Ive heard that americans that are visiting the resorts come to church sometimes, thatll be weird. Im really excited to get to know another area and a bunch of new friends tho! 
The marketing course came to an end, we had the ceremony meeting last night and they gave out the diplomas. There was like 30 people that got diplomas, we had a little testimony meeting and a few students that werent members got up and talked about what they learned in the course and what they learned about the church. Like i said the Teacher is a member and so during class hes always sharing videos about the church and sharing his testimony of it. Now we have like 50 references from the class, from all the people that signed up, the teacher has all their names and numbers and so he gave them to us so that we can go visite them all! hah 
Yesterday in church i had to give a talk. yay.. I felt like it went pretty good. We had a bunch of investigaters in church too. there was like 10! a fourth of the people werent members hah. On saturday we had a meeting with the 3 leaders in the church and we planned a bunch of sweet activities and things to get the members excited, but now im not gonna be here boo! theyre gonna do a talent show on thursday! Hey thursdays valentines day, its the 14th in america too right? i forget. On thursday the whole mission is having another contact activity, for the holiday. They gave each companionship 15 red cards with the proclamation of the family, (or whatever it is in english) in them and then were going to write our testimonies on the back side, and then were gonna do contacts and knock doors all day. Its a cool idea i guess, it really does help the missionaries get a little more excited about the work with something a little different to do. We find alot of new people to teach too. From the christmas contact activity the entire mission did over 1400 contacts in one day and about 500 of those people are now meeting with the missionaries. 
So tomorrow i have about 5 hours of traveling by bus from here to The Most of the East Side! And thats always fun by your self and with 3 huge lugauge bags. Its always a little sketchy going to a new area by yourself casue your about 20% sure how to get there and without a phone. but dont worry mom im pretty sure God isnt gonna let a missionary get too lost. Well i better get going, yet again we have another family night to go to! WOot! 
Love all ya! HAve a good week in the cold weather and ill have a good one by the beach :).
Elder Cowley

Heres some pics.
1. President Cowley. hah It was taken when we were sharing a little at the celebration for the market course. This picture really makes me think of running for president..
2. Saying bye to some members that got baptized right before i got to bayaguana.


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