February 5, 2013

Letter + Photos from February 4th, 2013

Heyo fam!

         FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS ABUELO(grandpa) BARON!  Glad to hear that hes still feeling good and healthy!!

Sak pasé!   thats "whats up" in creol! hah sweet huh. We did a bunch of contacting in a part of Bayaguana called Las Flores, and theres only haitians there so we learned a little creol this week hah We contacted a house and said " hey sak pasé" and the dude just started going off in creol, i think he thought we knew it! we just looked at him  uhh..hah They all know spanish too though so we were able to tell him we were just testing the few words we knew haha Transfers arent until next week, on sunday theyre gonna call. I really dont know what gonna happen, cause i have 6 months here so normally the missionary that has more time gets transfered, but Elder guevara might be off to chile. Id really like to stay here to see all the people we found and are teaching get baptized but thats usually how the mission goes hah

So get this!!!!   Yesterday my old comp, elder Rivera that was in my last area sabana perdida with me, called me and told me that a kid that we baptized is preparing for the mission!!!!! Remember Junior??
Hes the kid that always went to church in his rad plad shirts and big rayvan glasses. hah i sent a picture of me and him like 9 months ago. Paco our friend from that area that gave us the reference of juinor left on his mission like 3 months ago to mexico. So im sure Junior seeing him go on the mish really helped him make the decision. It makes me so happy! The ward in sabana perdida is legit! Its like a utah ward, they have like 7 missionaries out!

   Were helping a few members here in bayaguana get excited to leave on a mission too, yesterday we went visiting with P.H. and Jefferson from 3 until 9:30! Before we left we made them missionary placks, We used our backup placks and taped a paper with their names over our names hah We visited 7 houses in 6 hours, from one end of bayaguana to the other! I didnt have my step tracker but im pretty sure we walked atleast 7 to 8 miles easy! Theyre troopers! and they both want to come next sunday too.

  The marketing course is going great! there was almost 40 people in it on saturday. We shared a little bit about the chruch and about the book of mormon, so we brought all the books we had which was saddly only 5 but after we shared we asked if anyone wanted a book of mormon
and if we could visit them and the whole class raised there hands haha it was awesome! next week were gonna bring a whole box of books. So the class is helping us out alot, In one of the other areas that they did that class theyve already baptized 4 people from the class! Super cool that this member thats taking all this time to teach these classes for free, hes going to all the branches in the mission that are having trouble or not alot of assitence to help out.

     Wellllll  glad to hear that it finnally snowed alot... christy sent me a few pics:( hah super sweet. Global warming, NOT! She told me they went to the X games in aspen! Thats way cool!  Mom you guys are in hawaii? wow, it sounds like the same weather there as it is here. It rained like crazy here on thursday! We had district meeting in the morning and we had to wait like 40 minutes for the rain cause none of us had our umbrellas, normally we´d walk in it anyway but it was come down super hard!1!   Oh i made a mexcian lunch the other day! it was super good! Something other than the DR norm!

          Love you guys! thanks for everything!!!

Elder Cowley


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