January 29, 2013

Letter from January 28th, 2013

Buenas noche!

Bueno, aqui ya estamos en la noche. pero allá no, entonces buenas tarde! jaja

Whats up y´all! Im just doing great. Like always. nothing goes bad here in the mission hah. No problems, no homework, no work. well work in another sense, we're still super busy right now and never have time. We have done a house contact for like a whole week! We're just running house to house. And Bayaguana is way to massive for two missionaries. There used to be 4 before, maybe now that there's millions of kids going on missions now they´ll put more missionaries out here in good ole bayguana. The members are dishing out the references like Santa dishes out presents on christmas night. Its sweet.

This week has gone by a little to fast i dont remember what happened again hah. sadly our favorite member in Bayaguana, Dilenia "mom away from home", is out of town. Well i guess i could say that shes temporarily moved, she has family in Panama so she left for panama. When we said bye i asked so "how long are you gonna be there like 2-3 weeks?" she just looked at me funny, shes staying for a year or more! hah i guess its alot cooler there than here. Have you seen the panama temple? its actually way cool. Elder Guevara is obsessed, hes put a picture of it on our wall in our house. It looks like they just plopped it in the middle of a forest hah. Temples are legit, way to go mormons!

We've got a bunch of invesitgators with baptismal dates right now. We just went wild the past week and invited a bunch of our investigators that are progressing to baptism. The majority of them were references from members. We're just getting really lucky right now to get so much help from the branch. We started the marketing class on saturday, its pretty full. We go in the morning sessions cause we share a little bit about the church before the teacher starts. The teacher´s a member so during the class hes always throwing in references or examples of the church.

 Oh hey we talked to long lost Mari. Like i said shes now working in the capital 6 days a week, luckly sundays the only free day she has. We talked to her last saturday just to see how she was doing and she told us she still wants to get baptized and she said the closing prayer and asked for help to have time to get baptized hah, it was awesome.

Hey welp sorry we really dont have anytime, we have another family night that starts right now so we have to fly! We´ll make more time to write next week! hah Sounds good? GReat.

Love you guys! thanks for the emails! Elder Cowley

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