February 19, 2013

Letter + Photos from February 18th, 2013

First off id like to say ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your the best mom that there ever was, is, and will be!!! Thanks for being my mom! Love ya!

Second off id like to say WOW!
Because my new area is super cool! We have such a big area its not even funny. So its a little sad news that.. we dont have bikes! So we walk WAY TOO MUCH! hah i think this past week ive walked more in a week in my life than ever. We live in a part called Pueblo Baravo, its such a cool little town. Theres mostly hotel apartmentes and most the people are rich with big gates around their houses. We live in a hotel/apartment house, so guess what that means? yeah we have a pool right in front of our house!! hah its so halairous, youd never think that the missionaries would have a house with a pool right out the door. The house is nice but at the same time a little missionaryized.. or in other words a bit dirty and full of random things that missionaries find hah but its sweet. Were on the second floor so thats always nice, casue theres not many bugs that get in the house, except for the stupid mosquitos! . Dominican mosquitos like americans too much. Theyre going crazy for me! The church is right here close in Pueblo Bavaro so its convinient. We also work in a few other towns around here, one called Veron and villa play and a bunch of other small areas so thats why we walk so much. The missionaries used to have bikes here but its too dangerous on the street with all the big tour buses and dominicans dont really know how to drive either so..

My companion is Elder Moralis. Hes from Mexico, a part called San Fernando. Hes said its up in the north part of Mexico. His mom lives in mexico and his dad lives somewhere close in the states and so hes been able to go to america a few times. Hes in the same group as my last comp Elder Guevara, hes got like 4 months in the mission and hes a little shy talking to people still. So i mostly have to talk, but its better than what i was doing with 4 months in the mission, i still didnt even know how to talk hah. But we get along great, he plays soccer like every latin american and we have a big grass park in front of our house that we go play at in the mornings.

The church here is just a branch and theres not many people normally, kinda like Bayaguana. Its mainly because alot of members that pass through here just are here working for a year or two. Almost everyone we talk to in the street works like everyday so its a little harder to visit people. We did that valentines contact activity here, where we passed out envelopes with the proclamation to the family to 15 people and then we had to try and put return visits with all 15. We have to walk about 40 miniutes to get to Veron so we only had time to pass out like 12. We mostly work in Veron cause its alot bigger than Pueblo Baravo. We work the mornings in Pueblo Bavaro and then afternoons in Veron. and then some random days of the week we go clear out to Villa Play or another little town for a few hours. Were not very motivated to find new people to teach in the towns that are far away cause wed have to walk there more often and most the people in these areas dont have cars and the church is a ways of a walk from where they live hah. Oh but get this! Yesterday in church we had quite the visit. Church started normal at 9am and there was like about 20 people in church, which the average count is about 20 to 30 members each week with like a few americans that come to visit that are on vacation, But yesterday like ten minutes before sacrament started at 11, a big tour bus pulled up at the church. And it was full of americans! like 70 of them! So they came piling in the church and there wasnt even enough seats for them! They brought extra bread for the sacrament which was good cause here we usually only plan on 30 people in church there was only one piece of bread hah. Almost all of them were from Utah, a few were from wyoming and idaho, there was actually a few from North Odgen, but i forgot all there last names tho. One was asking me if i knew a Brent isacson cause i guess hes a dentist in odgen. I wasnt sure, cause the mission erases your memory from before the mission haha There was a member that took my picture and sent it to your email mom. But i gave her the wrong email i thought it was livehappy57@ yahoo, another lady wanted to call you and tell you about me or something, so I gave her your number im not sure if she called you yet. But it was pretty crazy. The branch president here said that theyve never had that many visiters before! There was a total of like 100 people, So it was a little different for the members here too. i was gonna translate the talks for all of the visiters but theres only one microphone, that would of been wild hah.

But this areas a super new expirience, i like it so far. Oh especially the HOT WATER! Wow something i havent had for more than a year! Cold showers in the morning were the worst! hah
I feel like i left out alot of stuff cause were in a hurry, so if you have any questions, ask me!

THanks for the emails and all your support! Love y´all!

Heres some pics of our little paradise!!!

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