February 25, 2013

An Email + Photos of a Vacationer who met Mike!

Hi Bro. and Sis. Cowley:

Do you know this guy?

 Well, it was my great pleasure to meet him on Sunday while I attended church meetings in the Dominican Republic. A little background: I was in the DR with about 35 couples associated with BYU’s Center for Entrepreneurship. While we had tried to get in touch with the local church leadership to let them know that we would be visiting their branch (which typically has attendance of about 20), we weren’t successful in reaching them. When the bus pulled up, your son was the first to greet us. He was surprised to see all of us and asked if our bus was full of members. We told him that it was and that the 2nd bus, which would be pulling up right behind us, was too.J The meeting was packed—standing room only—but the spirit was strong. Your son passed the sacrament with one other young man. His companion blessed the sacrament that day. Afterward, the branch president asked us to all stand together so he could take a picture with us. (I have attached a few pictures so you could see the church building that he is currently attending.)

I spent a bit of time talking to Elder Cowley. My wife chatted with him a bit about No. Ogden as she lived there during high school. He looked happy and healthy. He sends his love.

Have you been to the DR before? If not, I hope you have a chance to pick him up or travel back to the DR with him sometime in the future. It is a beautiful place. The weather was perfect (75-85 degrees and clear and sunny). And, the people were wonderful.


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