January 8, 2013

Letter from January 7th, 2013


¿Como están? Me gustaría escribirles solomente en español, pero no sé si entenderían... Hows the snow and cold weather going? Sounds like a blast. Like always were just here sweatin our faces off.

Finally the town festivals are on a hold for a few weeks, yesterday was "The day of kings". Not sure if i told you guys about it last year, but they have christmas on the 25 like normal but they dont do gifts. They wait until the 6th of January to do the gifts. I guess it makes sense cause the kings showed up a little while after Jesus was born. Right? Anyway it was pretty sweet. Every kid in the street has new toys. Im not sure if its the government that gives them out, but in the fútbol field in the big sport park, the government hands out millions of toys to people that want them for free so every kid in town has a new toy. Its pretty sweet cause its obvious that there's families here that dont have enough to buy toys for their kids. They give out big bouncy balls, toy trucks and barbies and stuff like that. So almost everykid in the street has the same toy but they dont care, cause its something different from making and flying kites out of garbage bags and sticks hah

 Yesterday in church we had 57 PEOPLE!!!!! YES here in Bayaguana! hah It was amazing. A bunch of inactive members that we visited during the week went, and in the morning we went to the house and walked to the church with a few investigators. That always works so much better than just calling. So we were able to get 6 investigators there too! It was fast and testimony meeting, and like always, Liné the Haitian got up and took up about 25 minutes talking in a mix mash of español and Haitian hah. Right after he finished i got up and bore my testimony loudly! to wake everyone up hah no just kidding.

Pretty much everything cool from the week happened yesterday. The rest of the week we've just been busy visiting a bunch of peeps and it was good to see the hard work pay off with our investigators and the few inactive members come to church. Carlos was out of town this weekend for the holidays so he wasn't able to come. Neither Mari, shes been pretty lost. Bad news that she got a job in a bar... boooo, she was in need for a job but not that much! She doesnt have a problem with drinking or that stuff but can a person get baptized if they work somewhere like that? hah She still wants to get baptized but has just been too busy. So we´ll see what happens.

We've found a bunch of legit investigators these past few weeks. There´s always the investigators that the Lord just prepares perfectly for us sometimes. Its flippin sweet! There´s a old dude we're teaching named Manuel, he's such a stud. He speaks a little english so we practice a little before each lesson, and he's got a guitar and writes super old folk blues songs. The second time we talked to him he played us a song, his guitar is broken and was completely out of tune but for some reason it was still awesome! hah He sings pretty good! Yesterday he came to church for the first time and he was loving the songs that we sang. After church he pulled out his wallet and said "how much for this hymn book?" haha So funny, we just gave it to him for a gift for the day of kings hah.

AHHH The mission is such an amazing time, to get to know and to teach all types of people and just be non-stop busy with it. Even tho i have a year and a half in the mission we´ll be in a lesson and it will hit me that im actually in the mission speaking and understanding spanish, something that still amazes me hah. From this past week im pretty sure that i grew to like this area Bayaguana alot more. We're finally starting to see progress in the church here!!! woooooooT!

Welp love you guys alot. hope the cabin was fun. tell everyone hi.
We have a family night to go to right now so we got to go!! We're gonna watch the Joseph Smith movie and eat brownies! Ohhhh Si!

Elder Cowley

Heres some pics.
1. Our gift to Dilenia, our "mom away from home" i gave her a pack of beef jerky, she loves that haha
2. Me and Dilenia´s ugly dog hah

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