January 15, 2013

Letter from January 14th, 2013

Hola familia y amigos,

First off thanks again to all of you who sent a package and letters! Brooks i got your package, and from heather and jake! im stocked up on candy for a good while now! Also the chirstmas cards from Gilberts and Dahls were cool too. GRACIAS!
So not to much happened this week... NOT! another super busy week gone by. i had to go to the capital 2 times this week! aghh thats always rough, It takes 2 and half hours from here to the mission office in the capital. On wednesday i had to travel alone cause it was a meeting for the leaders and trainers. So that always feels werid to be alone after always doing everything with a companion. Id never gone from here bayaguana to the capital so it was a little sketchy but luckly i got there fine. And then on friday we had a meeting again but this time elder guevara could come hah. Its the weridest thing how sitting in a meeting all day can make you more tired than walking around and visiting people all day. I never will understand.
So get this, at night its been hard to sleep sometimes cause our next door neighbor has the most retarted dog that barks almost all night long! We've been super tired for days because of it. So with this problem in hand we've been diligently searching for a solution.. The other day we were at the branch presidents house and he has a little store type thing in there house where they sell a bunch of random stuff like candy,shoes, shampoo, toys, and also.. airsoft guns.:) Airsoft guns are the little plastic guns that shoot little plastic balls hah they shoot pretty hard too. But anyway i think you guys can do that math. yes we bought those guns as fast as our hands could get to our wallets! Problem solved. No more dog barking at night hahah 
On saturday we started a marketing course. Well a member from the captial is giving it, so we are helping out a little. Not that were teaching anything about marketing, we have no clue about that stuff, we just share a short message with everyone before the class starts so they can get to know the church, cause a lot of the people that are taking the course aren't members. Its free for everyone so a lot of people are going, but Its a pretty legit course tho, we stayed for a bit and this dude knows a lot. At the end of the 4 weeks he gives the class they give out diplomas, and so for the people to get there diploma they have to put there name and number and address to enter that class. So at the end of the class the teacher is gonna give us all the names and numbers of the people that aren't members as references haha. Of course he tells them that were going to pass by and talk to them before hand. It really is working tho, some other missionaries had him give the class in another area and they've actually had a bunch of converts from it! 
THanks for all!! didn have much time today, we have a few visits tonight and its already late! 
Loves y´all!!
Elder cowley

Ps. last monday i told you guys we made brownies at a family night. yeah, dominicans dont know how to make brownies. they got burnt hah 

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