January 4, 2013

Letter from January 2nd, 2013

 Sorry for the scare mom. yes im still alive, hah We didnt email on monday cause they changed our pday for today hah Feliz año nuevo! Happy new year! Hope it was a good one! 
Here it was a non stop fiesta in the street, luckly we live on the edge of the town so we could just hear all the noise. The "Navidad" here starts the 25th goes till the 6th of january. Just another good excuss for them not have to work for a few weeks hah On the 28th they have a big like Cowboy festival here in Bayaguana. There were thousands of people in the street on there horses just going around the town. and in the middle of town theres the main park and the catholic church and the park was filled with people to the street. We didnt see it but in the morning they let bulls run around in the town and then the cowboys go round them up and take them to the catholic church.. (for a remission of there sins.. apostasy.. cough cough) haha Super funny tho. People come from all over the country for the 28th here. Its bigger than christmas. 
So something a little sad that im not to proud of.. on New years eve i fell asleep before 12pm hah As far as i remember thats the first time ive done that! All the missionaries had to return to our houses a little early at 7 cause "¡la gente está loca!". And so there wasnt much to do. We ate dinner with president Valdez, the branch pres here, and his fam. so when we got back to house there wasnt much to do, so we went to bed hah. 
Thanks again for the step tracker that you gave me, ive been using it. and get this!! on Monday we walked 16646 steps! thats 7.88 miles! haha We even went running that morning too! Thats another reason why we went to bed early on the 31st! But the step tracker is legit, it counts how many calaries you burn too hah 
Yep elder guevara is still here with me waiting for his visa for chile. We just started a new transfer so im sure he´ll be here atleast untill the end of this one, another month. He told me that he loves it here and he just whats to stay here in the DR. I told him ill take him visa and try out chile for a bit! hah
As far as missionary work, the hardest time to work is christmas time casue alot of people leave town or are busy. but we actually stayed pretty busy this year! Mari pretty busy and so weve held off baptizm for now. :( From giving out the 15 book of mormons we found alot of cool people. Were teaching a few new families that are totally potental. 
We have a investigater named Carlos, hes like 17. Hes such a cool kid, whenever we pass by he´ll leave whatever hes doing casue he loves talking to us. The other day he was just going out the door with his friends to go play basketball but when we got there, but he stayed behind to talk with us! I was thinking wow what an example, i wouldnt even do that! haha So last time we talked to him he told us that the day we walked up to his door and contacted him, like 5 minutes before we past by he was just sitting on his door step thinking about religion and out of all the churches is the true church! and then he said right after he saw us come walking around the corner and walked right up to him!! haha From our point of view it was just a regular 1 out the 15 contacts we do each day! Come to find out 2 weeks later that this kid really did need us! When we talked to him the first time he said that what we talked about is why theres millions of churches and how he can know for himself what church is true. We didnt even think twice about it! God works in the most myterious ways! So awesome. Like dad says, there are no coinsidences! Something we get to see in the mission daily!
Thanks for all your support and love! i love y´all so much! hah
Elder Cowley

heres some pics!
1.Cowboy party!
2. Imma cowboy!
3. Yesterday it rained alot, which means there was alot of mud too.:(


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