December 4, 2012

Letter from December 3rd, 2012

Hey FAMilia y amigos Whats up! Hows everything? good? great!

First off, Im about to tell you guys something a little sad that has happened to me this past week. I GOT DENGUE FEVER DANGIT! haha Its probably one of the lamest things a person can get! On Wednesday we bought food from a comedor and went to the church to eat it for lunch, so the church has like a river running right next to it so theres always a million misquitos inside the church. Right after lunch we had a few visits and out of nowhere i got a super bad headache and fever, I felt like a was gonna die hah So we headed home a little early. When we got home i went to bed and ive been there everyday since wednesday untill today. I havent had any energy to do anything! Just lay in bed and sleep.. boooo! Sister Hernandez, presidents wife, is way good about these things, she calls a few times a day to see how im doing. I had to go to the local clinic and take a poo test! and i had to take one more today again! hah wow those are werid. But i think im getting alot better now, i already feel alot better than a few days ago. BUt yeah thats pretty much all that has happend this week. Me laying in my bed stairing at the ceiling. Dont worry mom, My companion Elder Guevara and the other 2 in the house have been taking care of me well. Sorry kinda a lame email this week, but thats the type of week its been.:)

Now to answer your questions.
-Eli wins!!When I said my buzzer broke- A hair buzzer is what i need! haha
-No, none of the 3 guys i live with know english.
-Yes we travel back and forth to Bayaguana, its quite a pain. But get this! WE found a house out there and the office elders came out to look at it the other day and i think theyre going to rent it. It makes sense cause were spending the same amount of money traveling everyday as to rent to house.
-Our investigaters are doing great. Mari is getting baptized soon!! If not this weekend, the next for sure! We´ll see if we can get permission to do a swimming party after that baptizm hah good idea mom.
-Each saturday we clean the church. Just Sweep and mop thats all hah
-Tell james ya he can email me.
-Hah you sold the suburban! What are you guys gonna get now? and yes all the cars here in the DR are all ugly. They are all rusty cause of the humidity and people dont care enought to fix or paint. oh and everyones horrible drivers here too so there's alot of chunks out of the cars hah

Welp thats all. Im glad to hear that the good snow is still waiting for when i get back!:) THanks for all the packages!! yes i got all 4!! hah The stephens hot chocolate is staring me in the face everyday. Im just waiting to get feeling better first so i can drink some!

Love y´all!! Elder Cowley

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