December 11, 2012

Letter from December 10th, 2012

Hola familia, hey guys whas up?

Dont worry all, im 100% recovered from that gay dengue fever! hah Im feeling so much better. Wow you forget how good it is to feel good when your sick. I havent been sick for a while so i think God threw me a curve ball cause i was too comfortable hah. No i never threw up or had diareas. The symptems the first day was a crazy fever and body aches but after that until the 7th day i just had stomache aches and back aches. It wasn't too bad. hah This morning since we got up Elder Guevara hasnt been feeling to good, were praying its not his turn to have dengue hah We´ll see what happens. We need jake to come spray the church in Bayaguana or everyones gonna get dengue from it! ohh listen to this! On saturday night we stay in the church in Bayaguana because of church in the morning, so i went to shower that night and in the shower there was 7 cockroches!! ahhh! I was freaking out and Elder Guevara came over and just smashed them all like it was nothing with his shoe. He´s dominican so he´s used to just killing them whenever. I was just freaking out cause there was 7! and the small ones are super fast! and the big ones fly!! But Guevara was able to kill them all and then we just washed them down they drain hah
Mari´s baptizm has happened yet, We werent able to plan it out last week cause i was sick and we didnt go to Bayaguana for that whole week so we werent able to talk to the members, oh and Mari was sick aswell. We now have plans for it on the 15th, this saturday! Were praying it happens. I swear satan tries so hard to not let people get baptized, the second we make plans and put a baptizmal date, tons of stuff start coming up and get in the way! Everytime! Its not cool. But whatever, we have faith that the baptizm will go down! Yes, were teaching alot more people but its just hard to tell you guys about everyone. Were teaching a girl named Odileydi, i think i told you about her before, but we newly put a baptizmal date for the 29th of this month! Shes been going to church for like 4 months straight! She moved here from the capital with her dad and she just never got baptized in the other ward cause she said that the missionaries never talked to her hah. Must of been a really big ward. But Shes excited to get baptized, her cousins and aunt are members here in Bayaguana so that helps. As well were teaching a couple new families but theyre not coming to church yet so we havent been able to progress much with them. I think its cuase they live so far away from the church. Bayaguana is massive! and the church is on the corner of town, and remember almost no one has cars here so that only makes it harder. but whatever, i guess it just filters out the people for us that dont have enough faith to walk all the way to church.
The branch in Bayaguana is sweet, We just have a branch president and one counseler that just sleeps 3 out of the 3 hours of church. hah The branch here has less people than the branch in monte plata but the members are actually there with a smile and even tho theres less people the spirit is so much stronger in Bayaguana. Thats why i was so happy to start working just there!
Were still here living in Monte Plata, the owners are fixing up the house that were gonna move in to in Bayaguana. So were hoping to move at the end of this month. If it doesnt happen it´ll happen next month. Even tho we have to spend alot traveling everyday, ive grown to enjoy the bus rides to and from Bayaguana. Well in the morning they are kind of a pain cuase they are always super full! Weve stopped trying to hitchhike cause if we dont go straight to the bus stop the bus fills up by the time it gets to where we hitchhike and so if no one picks us up hitch hiking and the buses that pass are always full, we never get to Bayaguana so thats what were doing right now!
Thanks for all your support and for reading my boring letters! 
Love y´all Elder Cowley

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