December 18, 2012

Letter + Photos from December 17th 2012


Hows it going? HOLY! first off id like to start off saying that the 12 days off christmas package you guys made is the best thing in the world right now!! hahah We started on the 12 day before christmas and everytime we open a new present we throw on our christmas hats and throw on chirstmas music! hah Its kinda a big deal to us .hah we love the scriptures you guys puts with each gift, way creative!! hah We've guessed 3 out of 4 for now hah Also i got my buzzer package thanks VERY much!!! love you guys so much!!
Sound like your all super busy for christmas, everyone here is super busy. like i said, they were ready for christmas a long time ago! hah Just another excuss for the people here to take off work and pArTy! haha Ya so the weather this year here is not changing at all.. I remember last year that it actually got down to like 70 degrees, which when that happens you hear about it from everyone! They all say ahh its so cold! I always tell them they dont even know what cold is!! hah But this year i swear it hasnt gone below 80.
This last week just flew by. Elder Guevara is completely fine now, on monday like a said last week he started to get a fever but on tuesday he was good enough to go out and work. well atleast thats what he was telling me, so we went out and worked. I could tell he didnt feel 100% yet. That kid's a trucker, Hes always so pumped to go out and work, Work hard too, he never gets tired from walking hah Thats something i love about training a new missionary is that they are more excited to work than any other older missionary in the mission. The mission goal of 10 contacts everyday recently went up to 15, but that was no problem cause Elder Guevara wants to do 30 everyday haha We spent some time preparing Mari to get baptized but saddly enough it didnt happent his week end either. She doesnt have a job and hasnt had one for like 3 months so shes pretty despret for a job, but on sunday she had to go to the capital cause the job called her in. We could of done to baptizm saturday but it would make much sense cause we couldnt of done the conformation on sunday so again were gonna see if it happens next week. hah
So today was our mission christmas party with the all the missionaries of the whole east mission. It was flippin´ AWESOME! First off its fun to see all the missionaries that you havent seen in forever, cause thats the only meeting where all the missionaries of the mission are together. We started the activity off with president and his wife shared a christmas message, then after we had the talent show, It was just as wild as last year! hah Some of the talentes of the missionaries were rediculous- i dont even want to mention them hah Most of the missionaries just sang but it was fun to make fun of them when they messed up! After each zone in the mission (zone is like 10 to 20 missionaries) had a song assigned that we sung, our zone was assigned "Venid y adoremos" in english "come all ye faithful". We totally showed up all the other missionaries. We got some legit singers in our zone. After each zone sung and shared a couple scriptures we ate!! Guess what? yup rice and chicken and egg salad. no beans this time hah Thats about it, President Hernandez gave all the missionaries a small Preach my gospel. We all have to big ones that we have to drag around to each meeting but now we all have pocket sized ones!! Woot! 
Oh also we had our branch christmas activity on saturday hah oh my gosh it was the funniest most random thing that ive seen in a while! hah The relef society was incharge of it but they didnt do anything but cook the food so it was kinda all over the place hah we had a talent show in this chirstmas activity but it wasnt orginized like the mission christmas party hah Elder guevara was leading and he´d just say "so does anyone have a talent ??" and we´d wait like a minute and then some one would get up and try to sing or dance or whatever, so for that reason it was the most rediculous thing ive ever watched hah That haitian dude that i told you guess about a while ago got up and sang the most random haitian songs, they would last like 10 minutes too hah then he´d see eveyone getting unconforterble and then he make some random chicken animal noise to catch everyones attention and everyone would laugh and then he´d keep singing again hah thats pretty much how the whole night went with everyone.
Sooo for the christmas call. Im Excited to hear from you guys!!! WOOT!!
Holy B-rad keyes is done with his mission!?! It feels like yesterday we were all out our house watching our band videos! 
Elder cowley 


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