November 27, 2012

Letter + Photos from November 27th, 2012

Heyo fam,

FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS ANGIE!! i know it was last week but i forgot to say it in the last email!

Things couldnt be more crazy right now hah. So like i said last week im training! so last week on tuesday we went to the captial for the training meeting and get our new comps. I had to leave super early from Monte Plata to be there at 9am. Transfers are always kinda weird cause you just travel by yourself. It was better this time cause i didnt get lost and i didnt have to take all my luggage! After 2 hours of meeting we finally got our comps. My new companion is Elder Guevara! Hes from here, the DR, santo domingo west. He's actually waiting for his Visa, cause he was really called to Chili, the santiago misison. Isn't that where Tyler Jolley's at? I couldnt remember. So now here in the house in Monte Plata there 4 of us! and the other two companions are dominican too! ME and 3 dominicans! hah Its so fun.

The other two are new to monte plata so weve been helping them out a bit when we have time. Everyday, except mondays, we travel to and from Bayaguana! The hitchhikings on a all time low for now hah. On wednesday right when we got there we started asking members if they knew of a house for us to rent. and so we went searching with Dilenia, the primary teacher, and we found a house in like 30 minutes! Its super sweet and its right by the big sport center where we went to play futbol with the local muchachos hah. But when we called the office missionaries they said that president wants us to wait a while before we move there. Who knows why, cause were spending more on traveling there everyday than just to rent the house.

 It's been super fun tho, Elder Guevara is a way fun comp, he rode BMX before the mish, like biking in the skate park, so we're always talking about extreme sports hah. He told me there's actually a bunch of skate parks here, i had no clue, i've only seen one my whole mission! We had the baptizmal interview with mari on saturday! Shes way ready. In the afternoon she came to our english class then she helped us clean the church after. We have to postpone the baptizm from the 1st of dec to the 8th cause shes gonna be out of town. For thanksgiving, after district meeting we went and ate at a way legit comedor.(restaurant) It was the very original plate.. rice.. beans.. and and and chicken.. yeay. hah but its super good from this comedor.

We've had so much going on this week i dont even remember what else we've done. The 2 other missionaries that we live with are cool, we had a clean-the-house party this morning, the house for once doesnt look like a misisonary house. It goes so much faster with 4 of us.

welp thats all folks, love ya all!

Elder Cowley

 Heres some pics.
 1. The dream team. Me, my comp Elder Guevara, Elder Rubiera, and Elder Herrera.
2. The primary activity last week. Swimming in the bap font! hah
 3. The church in Bayaguana.

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