November 20, 2012

Letter from November 19th 2012

Hola familia!

Transfer calls were yesterday!! any guesses? any guesses?... Im TRAINING again!!! haha ohh man. Im suprized but excited. It was super fun training Elder Pritchett. Theres 20 new missionaires that are coming in tomorrow! The missions going up to 250 missionarys! thats the biggest number theyve seen yet. My comps off to another area in the captial, he hasnt trained so I totally thought that he was gonna train. Lame. Also theyre FINALLY splitting up Monte Plata and Bayaguana. And im gonna be working in Bayaguana!! woot! Thats where I wanted to go. But were still gonna live here in monte plata with the 2 missionaries that are working here. 4 missionary houses are always fun, thats how i started the mission. Our district out here in the country side now has 10 missionaries. 2 months ago there was only 4. We're glad Presidents using his head now. hah
On saturday we had another truckload of kids in our english class here in Monte Plata. Ahh.... dont have to deal with that anymore hah. Then shortly after class there was an activity at 2. So me and elder alvarado passed by cause we were invited, we got there at like 2:30 and people were just barley showing up. hah We ended up having to leave to Bayaguana to be there at 4 to teach english so we werent able to stay, they were suppose to play volley ball and make empanadas! (empanadas are like fryed creip type things full of cheese and chicken or whatever you want) Who knows if it really ended up happening. 
During english class in bayaguana the primary had an activity, They had cake and swam in the baptizmal font behind the church, then they watched a movie! So awesome! I wanted to ditch english and join them. So get this, last week while we were waiting for people for english class i went out back by the baptismal font and i found a tiny snake, so i was tryed to catch it so i could scare a member and it launched up at me and latched on my hand! hah Luckly it was just a baby and it was just like a gardener snake! I didnt think those tiny snakes knew how to attack!! It didnt even leave a mark it was so small, but pretty funny.
To answer some of your questions from last week..
Yes we still hitchhike to bayaguana, we saddly didnt have another banana truck pick us up hah mostly we got cars that we could get in lately. Me and my new trainie are still gonna be hitchhiking, everyday now too! wow that should be fun. 
Our investigaters are doing just great! Mair is still doing good, we had to change her baptismal date for the 1st of december cause she needs to go to church more! Lately here in Monte Plata we found alot of new people. The other day we went to visit a less active member family and they werent there when we passed by, they live kinda far away and it was late so we were kinda bummed cause we thought we walked pointlessly clear out to the edge of town but on our way back a kid came up to us in the street and said he wanted us to come by and talk to him because hes been stressed and sad lately cause all he does is work and sleep hah So yesterday we passed by again and hes such a cool dude, his names Juan Ramon and he actually has a wife and a 5 year old kid and they just live in this little wooden house at the edge of town. So we talked to them and explained our purpose and what we do and by the end of the lession he said he already felt happier and wants us to keep passing by! hah Such a cool situation that we just happen to be passing by this guy at the very moment he needed help! And we thought we just wasted time walking clear out there. God works in mysterious ways! 
We dont get to hear to much from our past converts, we can send them letters. On saturday i did call Fernando cause he completed a year as a member!! Remember Fernando? my second baptizm in the mish! He was pumped to hear from me, Hes so awesome! Hes got a calling and is helping out alot in the church out there in little Los Llano!
Welp thats about all. Thanks for the emails and support! 
Love ya´ll! 
 Elder Cowley
hey quick question, did James Neeley finish his mission already? i thought he started in october.
and a few things for my christmas package if you havent sent it yet: My buzzer broke that i have so thatd be sweet if i could get a buzzer. hah and some more tooth brushes, and a few The Show cds( the box of them is somewhere up in my old room in the corner by the legos i think) thanks!!! love you!

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