November 13, 2012

Letter from November 12th, 2012

Hola familia!

Heyo! Its cold there finnally?? wow took long enough hah and theres snow in the mountains! woohoo. hope its another crappy winter season just cause im not there! Like always its really.. really hot here. I guess its cooled down maybe like 3 to 4 degrees?? yeah not much. Tracting in the morning sun its always super hot, almost hotter than the place where those who don't let us in their house are going... haha 
Yesterday in Bayaguana we also had the primary program!! hah it was awesome! We got to help Hermana Delenia organize it a little. The theme was, "How i can start being a missionary today!" They started off singing that same song! The Nephi song. There was about 7 of them and they would sing the verse's really quiet and then the chorus really loud! "Ire y hare lo que manda el senor!" hah way funny. After they each had there own scriptures that they tryed to memorize hah. After a few members shared their testimonies and then they ended singing some primary song that is not in english hah. at least ive never heard it. I always love the primary programs. thats funny you guys had it the same week!
On wednesday we got to go to the temple!!! woo its been almost 7 months since the last time! The temple here is such an awesome temple! I swear it changes colors with the weather hah. After we went to Wendys!! YEah now that's been a long time since ive had wendys. I got the biggest frosty i could get! Way suprizing they have those here, and that they tasted the same! 
So weve been traveling to the capital so much we dont have much "cuarto" (time). as we say. So we found this way sweet comodor that has food for 5 pesos. a whole service of rice, beans and chicken for 5 pesos! hah Its the comodor economico. Its for people that don't have time to cook or people that don't have "cuarto" hah. Everyones way cool there, they make food for like the whole town I swear. Its not too bad quality either.

Welp sorry i didnt write much we yet again, dont have time. We went up to the other missionaries area and we played ping pong! way cool. but we burn our whole pday going there.
Love you guys !!! 
 Elder Cowley

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