November 5, 2012

Letter + Photos from November 5th, 2012

Hey family

HAPPYHALLOWEENS! a few days ago. Hope you guys had a good one. Yeah we visited people and tracted.. Oh and we ate halloween oreos, thanks for those by the way! It made me remember that it was halloween. hah They skip right over halloween here, and they skip right to Christmas! people already have like 2 weeks with christmas lights and christmas trees! Thats why i need to find some christmas music pronto, everyones way ahead of us! We still got thanksgiving to celabrate!
So we finally got to go to Bayaguana again, We had a week without going there! The river finally went down so we can cross the bridge to get there now. On the side of the bridge there was huge tree branches, there was actually a whole tree!! The bridge has like three tubes that the water goes through when it goes under the bridge but they were all clogged up. The bus driver told us some workers had to go under the water and cut up the branches so the water would run through. Sketchy business! 
This week on friday we had our first successful activity in Monte Plata yayyy! Highfive Monte Plata.. hah. We totally made it happen too. President Ramon could even come. so Me and elder alvarado bought refreshments and ran it. There was like 11 people. We watched the testaments and had these garlic crackers and soda! Way legit. Monte Plata hasnt seen a activity like that for a while. hah
Also saturday in monte plata we had english class and there was like 20 kids! But like kid kids... We put up a poster on the fence around the church for the class and now theres a bunch of moms think its a daycare or something, cause thats what its turned into hah. Michel hasnt had time to come again, so its like 20 kids under 12 and like 2 adults. hah Rediculous. It was fun tho. hah, after class they asked us if there was class tomorrow too, so we said " ahhh.. yeah yeah theres class tomorrow. but it starts at 9 and ends at 12" hahah, we were in Bayaguana for church but President Ramon from Monte Plata called us after church and told us that for some reason there was a bunch of kids in primary!! hahaha. They all came expecting english class but it was church! hah Tricked them!
So today we went up to Gonzalo the area with the caves, but we went to some waterfalls! It was amazing! Its called Salto Socoa. Im sure you can look it up on the internet. Its way big. We started up stream and followed the river for like 20 minutes, there was soo many mosquitos were hoping none of us get DaNgie, or whatever it is. Thats going around alot here right now. When we got to the main part of the waterfall it opened up big and there was bunch of people swimming and hanging out. yah just a little tempting to jump in after sweating for 30 minutes. Its a pretty well known place and todays a holiday so thats why there was a bunch of peps. There were even people that were playing dominios acrossed the river and up in a tree! haha Way funny! 
But yeah to sum up the week. It was yet another never forgetting week of the mish!!!
I will try to remember and get a pic of Jesse and the church and stuff.
and No thats not a sewer drain thats under the bridge in the last email's picture haha. Its a traditional dominican rain/garbage drain. Saddly yes all the garbage in the street goes down the gutter then right to the ocean. Yup!
Love you guys and thanks for all your support!ElderCowley

Heres some pictures of our day today.
1 the main waterfall and me, elder Gonzales, and Elder Gibbs
2 on the way to the waterfall, it was seriously like jungle book!


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