October 29, 2012

Letter + Photos from October 29th, 2012

Hola hola!

          Hey yall sup? Thanks so much for the package!! Holy tooth paste, i think im set for 9 more months for sure.. :) Hope the crazy hurricane Sandy doesnt reach to Utahr hah wow what a rainy week! Lucky when the hurricane past by here it was just a "tropical storm". Well who knows, thats what the people tell us at least, we dont know or hear anything about the weather until were out in it! The rain started on like wednesday and didnt stop until sunday morning. Thursday our leaders called and said that we could stay in if it looked bad.. pshh its way to boring to stay in the house all day. So we went and worked in the rain anyway. Got a little wreckless, hah my umbrela almost flew away, elder alvarado's umbrela totally got destroyed! but it was fun while it lasted. Alot funner than staying in the house and reading. because of all the rain they have the water systems shut off so the dirty water from the rain doesnt get in the systems, so we havent had water for like 5 days! hah i reek!
So A day in the life of me right now was requested so here it is: Well first off, everyday is really different for us missionaries between two areas but heres your average tuesday..    

6:30: BEEP BEEP BEEP! alarm clock! half asleep, turn around in bed on your knees to pray. Morning prayers are always the longest.. i think every missionary falls asleep at least for a few minutes hah
6:40: workout/excercise. Im impressed ive actually gotten in a decent habit:)
7:00-8:00: Shower, Eat some corn flakes with honey. they never get old! try it. hah
8:00-10:00 Study! chapter of libro de los mormones, and chapter from La biblia. Im reading the new testament backwards now for some reason. its better that way i guess hah
10:00 leave the house, usually tuesdays we visit Yuneisis cause she doesnt work. About 11ish get stood up by some "contact appointments"
11:30: Jesse our friend dog usually finds us and follows us to each house we go to! hah
11, 12ish contacts/tracting/knocking doors. whatever you want to call it. hah I think the name here in monte plata for that should be, "listen to a bunch of catholics excusses" hah no just kidding- usually like half the houses we go to people let us in. Some people are so awesome, some seem like they have all the time in the world to talk.
1:00: Get back to the house quickly with hunger in our stomaches. First thing we do when we walk in the door is throw water on the stove to get rice going! then after i sit in front of the fan for at least 15 minutes to dry the sweat off my face! hah Then we cook the rice and i cut up some tomato, onion, pepper and hotdog and sauté it all up. by about 1:45 its all done.
2:15 study spanish
2:50 Power nap.. hah
3:00 leave the house and go to the end of Monte Plata to hitchhike or unless the bus comes. Weve been unlucky lately, no one wants to pick us up. hah
4:00 we get to Bayaguana, head to the church to turn on the fans in the small creepy room that we stay in so its not a thousand degrees at night.
4:30 Visit peeps. We usually have to do a good amount of trottin from one side of town to the other cause the few investigaters we have, live far from each other hah
9:00 head to the bakery to buy dinner! 20 peso cheese bread, 15 peso pig in a blanket , 25 peso yogurt or rice pudding! So legit!
9;30 get to the church, We plan for the next day, eat, and thats about it!! Yes, mom i have a tooth brush out there to use. Brush my teeth, wach my face, call Elder gibbs to tell him about our day. then hit the hay!
10:30 sleep.
There ya have it. A day in the life of me right now. hope it made sense!

   Hah so a few funny things that have happened. First off Jesse the dog, our faithful following pal. We recently found him an owner. He was following us and entered the house that we went to visit and jesse was just chilling on the front patio and the nieghbor came over and was like "hey is that your guys dog?" hah so we told him "not really, but he likes to follow us for some reason." Jesse´s a little dirty and for some unknown reason this dude totally wanted him. We told him he could take him hah. So he took him and tied him up out front. When we left Jesse was crying and jumping like crazy! But hes been kind of a distraction in the lessions so we wont have to worry about him. So the other day we were visiting a member and out of nowhere Jesse came running in the house with his chain around his neck and was all happy to see us with his tail waggin hah. Who knows how he knew where we were, even in the house a ways. Hes crasy (nacho voice hah) this morning he was chilling outside our house in the shade waiting for us.

   So get this. last week in church in Bayaguana there was a kid with his family from arizona. He served his mission like 6 months ago and he came back with his family cause theres a member in Bayaguana that hes gonna marry! Such a tard! His family was super funny to watch tho, cause they didnt understand anything that everyone was saying. It again made me reflect on starting the mission hah.  But ya so the family of this girl from Bayaguana has 2 sisters that got married to returned missionaries and are living in the states already!! hah REdiculous huh!

    Welp i think thats all. Im not sure how our investigaters are in Bayaguana because the bridge to get there is under the river! hah This bridge is retartedly low, so its no surprize that the river is over it. theyve been meaning to build a new one for 10 years but they're just really slow. hah we´ll see if we can get to Bayaguana tomorrow!

Mom- For my christmas package i totally like a can of stevens hot chocolate!! Send me the armerado or whatever its called! And send me some christmas music! I'd want that song "Breath of heaven" on the cd you send me. That reminds me of being home at christmas time putting ornamets on the tree! hah Oh send a walker counter hah im curious how much we walk too. Thanks again for the package!

Tell grandpa and grandma thanks for the beef jerky, me and elder alvarado have almost ate it all!  Love you guys! miss each and everyone of you!
Yelwoc Redle

Heres some pictures from last week going to the caves,  and of the church out in the area by the caves in Gonzalo.

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