October 22, 2012

Letter from October 22, 2012

HEyo famille (yeh thats french)
           Ey guys! whats up!

Once again we dont have much time to write!! ahh i feel bad this always happens. hah  Were just so busy lately on Pdays. Today we went up to the other missionaries in our area Gonzalo and we went to some more caves. It was super rainy today! So we have to take motorcycle rides to get to Gonzalo and it was raining like crazy when we went and holy..(mom if you dont want to feel like you have to worry, dont read the rest of this paragraph).. i thought we were gonna die! it was awesome!!!  We were flying on these little 100hp motorcycless going like 60 mph and with 3 people to each motorcycle! The rain was coming down so hard but we didnt stop cause there was no where to stop and wait hah so we just kept flying! Some how we made it in one piece. But we were soaked by the time we got to Gonzalo ha So the rest of the time we were walking soaked! We went to a new cave and then the same one we went to last time. It was fun. Welp that was today, our pday. sorry sometimes i forget im a missionary on pdays so i forget to tell you about everything else.

       This has been a solid week, Mari is progressing super well! Every lession we have with her is so awesome! She reads everything we leave her and she answers every question we ask perfectly. We didnt get around to putting a baptizmal date with her yet, but this coming week were totally doing it!  Yesterday we were here in monte plata for church and it was actually really good! It was organized! yeah, the teachers showed up so we didnt have to teach everything or else it falls apart hah  So guess what? weve been thinking about dropping or at least giving Luisa a break cause shes been talking to the missionaries for a long time, and after a while if the person isn't doing much we have to leave them. So we were thinking of that untill.... on sunday she randomly showed up at church!! We didnt even know she was coming! We didnt even call her or anything, she lives pretty far away too but she came all the way up to church by herself. Solid!! Were gonna try and put a baptizmal date with her soon too. She just has a few doubts thats all. ohh something else awesome. Shes kinda had a problem with acceting that there is a living prophet today but one of the members that spoke in church, talked about prophets and talked alot about why revelation is as important today as it was in the old days. SO perfect!

Ahhhh the internet owner dude has something going on so hes closing!! maybe well go to another one but if not sorry! ill write more next week!

Love you guys lots!! Elder Cowley 

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