October 15, 2012

Letter + a request for any questions! October 15th, 2012

Heyo fam!

WHats up! yes mom your right its now hotter here than there! i swear the weather hasnt got any cooler since august! Like always im sweating my face off right now. That drawing is awesome huh? Elder Alvarado knows how to draw! he does it way fast too. He taught me how to draw anime characters, or japaniese cartoon dudes whatever you wanna call them. Hes ubsesed with that stuff cause like half his family now lives in japan. He told me last week that his mom just barely moved there and he didnt even know haha Pretty random. But yeah we get along great, he an awesome comp!
Anywho, This week weve been working more in Bayaguana cause the members are so much cooler out there! We dont really like monte plata much anymore.. all the members want in monte plata is an activity with refreshments so they can eat hah.

last week we were working with Delenia alot in Bayaguana, she served a mission like 10-12 years ago here in the west mission. I was asking her if she knew Joe Strand but she couldnt remember. Weve been teaching her neighbor Mari. Mari is awesome, For the first time she came to church yesterday, shes been reading everything we leave her to read, and she accepted a baptizmal invitation! WOOT! So we´ll see if we can put a baptizmal date with her soon! It was good that she came to church yesterday too cause i had to give a talk! :/ hah Ive gotten a little rusty, cause im not giving talks everyweek like out in my first area, los llanos! 
The other day we visited some members with Delenia and on the way we had to pass through a field, and in the field there was a goat.. this goat for some reason was ticked off! hah He was tied up but the path where we were walking went right by him. So me and elder alvarado ran by real fast and he didnt do anything, but as soon as Delenia went to pass him he ran up and tried to buck her!! haha She was trying to get passed for like 5 minutes and she couldnt! She had to run out around the field casue she was too scared hah It was so halairious! 
yes the english class was a total fail haha. Just one person showed :( but its always like that at the  start, were gonna put up a poster out front of the church so more people come. But the one dude who came is one of our investigators, His names michel, hes from haiti and he knows 4 languages already. He basically knows english, and no one else showed up so we just made him teach us some french! hah Je suis elder cowley.(i am elder cowley) thats pretty much all i learned in an hour hah. French is so werid! 
So something funny happened 2 days ago, my comps hair was getting long so he needed to cut it, but everytime we got home and had time, he was scared that the power was gonna go out. so he waited 2 days to cut it and then finally one night he said, "ok im gonna go for it". He started cutting his hair, and surely enough after about 5 minutes the power went out!!! hahah i couldnt stop laughing!! Cause i was the one telling him just to cut it the day i cut mine but he was scared that the power would go out, hah It seemed planned! 
Welp were going to bayaguana right now to go play fútbol with some members! But thanks for the emails! Anyone have questions? 
Love you all! 
 Elder Cowley

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