October 9, 2012

Letter + Photos from October 8th, 2012

Hola familia!
Woot your now old too! hah Love ya

Whats up everybody? so I hear its getting colding in utah? color changing leafs? cool night breeze?
Welp here in the DR its not doing anything different! Its still 90 degrees like it was back in May! hah

So transfer is tomorrow and just like the weather nothing's changing! hah Im staying and my elder Alvarados staying too. im glad hes staying at least one more transfer here cause i still get kinda lost some times out in Bayaguana. That area is huge! We've been trying to start up some activities here in monte plata, We're gonna start doing a english class! Those are always fun! Alot of people usually show up cause everyone and their dog wants to learn english here and the only way is taking a expensive course. and it should get the members and our investigaters in the habit of coming to the church. And then hopefully the members will stay after and help the president clean the church! haha
The members are always fighting over who has to clean, and so no one ends up coming but president. On friday we were suppose to leave with President here in monte plata to visit some people but he was still cleaning the church when we got there. So we helped him out cleaning a bit.
We've been packing in the service hours this week. We helped José (one of the coolest members) move to his new house on saturday in between the conferences! We didnt have time to go home and change so we just went in our white shirts and ties.. yeah not such a good idea. hah My white shirt totally got smugged with dirt and grease! :) Dont worry mom. that stick of clothes cleaner stuff you packed me really does work! hah
Hey so guess what, My comp Elder Alvarado totally got kissed by a lady this week! hahah Some people do that kiss-cheek greeting thing and wednesday when we went to a appointment, the lady we went to visit totally smacked one on my comp! haha then she turned and looked at me and so I backed away and was like.. ahh we dont do that.. hah super embarrasing for her. but way funny!

So about confrence.. 18 year olds can leave on their missions now... your kidding me!! hah they totally should of announced that 2 years ago! hah lame. Other than that Confrence was "súper bien"! At first we had troubles figuring out the connection in the church cause the satalite wasnt workin to hot. But it all ended up working fine! I was able to watch it in english, which is always better. Ive never liked the spanish translater guys voices! hah!! Confrence was perfect for this branch here in Monte plata. I felt like they were speaking right to all the lazy members!! haha! It seemed planned at times, the one session an inactive member that weve been working with came and the second he walked in, the speaker started talking about enduring to the end and staying commited..! Awesome! We even promised him that if he came he would hear something he needed! wow that was a relief!

But hey! One more confrence to go in the mish! next confrence in october ill totally be home! hah Miss and love you guys so much! Im sure the package came but they dont bring us mail out here cause were too far. But it should be in the office waiting for me!

Thanks again! Elder cowley

Some random pics.
1 Today I cut my hair, and got bored. haha { i can't flip this photo, so it's sideways}
2. My comps drawing of the DR hahah so awesome!
3. View from our house of the sun rising

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