October 2, 2012

Letter + Photos from October 1st, 2012

THis ones gonna be a quicky cause we dont have any time!
First off...
SOO AWESOME!!! Today we went to our other area Bayaguana, to the big sport complex thing that they have there. Its got 2 soccer fields, 2 baseball fields and a big indoor basketball court, oh and theres badmitten and pingpong in there too. So we were kinda bummed cause the other missionaries out here couldnt come with us so just me and Elder Alvarado went there and took the soccer ball thinking that it would just be us two and that it would a little boring hah but right when we got there, there was a bunch of muchachos that were totally down to play. So we picked teams and set up the goals and right when we did that out of no where it started to rain.:( but it wasnt just any little rain storm.. It was crazy!! hah You think that stopped us from playing? Of course not!! haha it was lightinging and there was super loud thunder and me and elder alvarado and a bunch of kids sliding and slipping in puddles in the middle of it all! ahh i wish i had a picture of it. Im amazed at how much the kids arent wussys here! Some kids were falling right on there faces but then theyd get right back up and keep running haha We were out there for like two hours, It was such a good time. Yeah our cellphone totally got soaked tho.. shhh dont tell president haha
This week we have worked super hard and its actually starting to pay off, we are getting a good part of the members we visit back in church and we have some investigators in church too so thats always nice. Luisa came to church with Yuneisis! Theyre good friends now so we're sure Luisa should be feeling more comfortable with the church now. Tambien this week we did exchanges with the other missionaries out here. Elder Brown came here with me in Monte Plata. Hes from Boise. i think.. We had way too much fun tho hah. Hes got about the same time in the mission as me so we were just slaying people left and right. hah We visited a bunch of people, found more inactive people too. theyre everywhere!
Welp sorry cant write much this week, next week ill write more, wow next week we have transfer calls already! Maybe my comp is leaving, hes got alot of time here. so we´ll see!
Mom question. how do you make your home made salsa? cool thanks! 

Love you guys a bunch! Elder Cowley
Photos from the cave from last letter....


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