September 24, 2012

Letter + Photos + Survey from September 24th, 2012


Whazz up! 
       So im not so sure about this fan above me right now.. we came to this internet center and im in this computer stall with a huge fan that is totally gonna fall within no time! Pretty sure it just has one skrew left holding it haha Oh the DR, how i love it here.
      So the baptizm was a total fail! :( We didnt plan anything all saturday to make time to go to bayaguana and clean the baptizmal font (which is pretty gross, its in the backyard like a drop in pool. but really small and full of nasty water hah) and then to get the church ready and what not. But, unluckly, on friday night we got a phone call from José, and he said that his dad said that he doesnt want him to get baptized.... LAME. José is old enough to make his own choice! Its never a good sign when you get a call from the person your expecting to baptize the day before.. aghh.. but its all good. His still coming to church and all the activities, were gonna go and hit the dad in the face.. i mean talk to dad and see whats going on. but we have faith itll happen in the near future.
      So this week we again traveled way too much. Friday we had a meeting in the capital, and let me remind you its a 2 hour bus ride and then we take the metro. The meeting started at 9 so we had to leave way too early. The dogs that sleep in the street were even still asleep when we left hah. And then today we went to the capital again, except this time it was much funner! It was our zone activity. With our zone of missionaries and 2 other zones. So like 70 missionaries. Elder Eickbush and Pres. Hernandez cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, So legit! American food! yeah. And then we played dodgeball futbol basketball all that fun stuff. I totally got sun burn again. hah Today is supposuvly(?) a holy day, so on our way to the capital today the city was a ghost town. Everything was closed, There wasnt many people in the metro, that was a first. I guess everyones at the beach and the rivers and stuff. ahh the beach.. i forgot what it's like to swim. 
       Yesterday i think we had one of the coolest lessions in a while. So we have a investigater named Lusia (we call her china or "chinese" cause she totally looks chinese, not domincan.) Shes been talking to the missionaries for quite some time, like 4-5 months but shes way cool and doesnt live with a dude so doesnt have to get married (like all our other inverstigaters..) So weve been focusing on her most cause shes totally ready to get baptized but she thinks shes not ready. shes kinda pesamistic about things. and so she hasnt been to excited to go to church lately. But anyway. we passed by there yesterday with Yunesis, (the girl that just got baptized.) and talked about testimonies a bit and out of nowhere yunesis just started throwin down her testimony and telling why the church is true and why she joined it. Shes had a super hard past but she explained how the gospel has helped her out in so many ways. But it was awesome tho cause every sentence she said was perfectly what luisa needed to hear. Luisa has some doubts but yuneisis totally hit every point in her testimony. So then after that luisa said, "alight, now shes totally got me convinced" hah it was sweet. So were gonna put a bap. date with luisa soon, so she should be gettin baptized soon. :D!  

 Welp im still freaked out by this fan thats about to fall so im gonna get out of here before it does. 
Love ya´ll! 
Elder Cowley

Heres some pics.
1 the house and my breakfast here in monte plata hah(yeah its a mango smoothie.)
2 a crazy kid in the church that can walk and jump around on his toes!!
3 The cave. entering the cave, trying to climb a plant thing, me falling on my butt. me and my comp trying to squize through tiny holes hah way fun


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