September 24, 2012

12 Month Survey

1.It’s been 12 {ish} months into your 2 year mission, How long do you feel like you've been gone?

{Mike}It feels like times going backwards now, it feels like Ive been here 10 months, but really I have 10 months left.. i dont understand either.

2. What is your favorite thing about the DR right now?

{M} Right now.. hmm its gotta be our best friend dog, Jesse. Even tho he stinks like pickles sometimes.

3. What do you think the temperature is where you are, right now?

{M} Well its actually raining right now, so its not too bad. like 96..

4. What food do you miss today?

{M} well we ate hamburgers and hotdogs today so not hamburgers and hot dogs. Probly fish        that dad brings home from alaska! we cant eat fish here  :(

5. Do you dream in english or spanish?

{M} Full on 100% spanish now!! Its all i speak with my comp right now, so its all thats in my         mind. its awesome.

6.What is something you want to remember that has happened recently?

{M} When I totally hit a kid in the face playing dodge ball today! hah

7. What is your favorite thing to teach about the gospel right now?
{M} The part when people except it! Not too often in this world now days.

8. Who has made the biggest impression on you recently?

{M} All you guys back at home. I think about ya´ll too much!

9. What's the funniest thing that happened recently?

{M} When i slipped and fell on my butt in the cave. hah (see picture)

10. What is the most important thing you've learned recently?

{M} How to make these sweet burrito/pizza things! Presidents wife taught us last friday at           the meeting how to cook these werid little things! So good! 

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